The best wall art

Personalise your walls with all of your favourite things, whether that’s funky colours or elegant muted tones, portraits or abstract

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Looking for a super quick way to add lots of personality to your home? Putting up wall art, whether it be just one statement piece of artwork, a display of photographs or a stylish gallery wall, is a sure fire way to create interest in a space. So we've rounded up some of our favourite pieces of wall art to get you inspired... 

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1. Graham & Brown Rose gold glow hand painted canvas

Hand-finished details take this contemporary abstract to the next level

Best for: Abstract
Colour: Rose gold, grey
Size: H70cm x W100cm
Type: Framed canvas
Reasons to buy
+ Hand-painted details + Comes pre-framed 
Reasons to avoid
- No choice in frame 

When you know that your walls are in need of a little lift, but you don’t know where to start in terms of subject or theme, abstract wall art is a great option. Most of us naturally feel inclined towards certain palettes, so simply look for colour combinations that please your eye: we particularly like this on-trend abstract from Graham & Brown, employing a very now palette of grey and soft rose gold that is suitably relaxing for lounge or bedroom. But what sets this piece apart is its hand-finished metallic elements, which give that coppery shade a real warmth and depth. And did we mention it comes framed? On-trend walls, no fuss. 

2. Catherine Stephenson London Sketch Wall Art

A sketchy skyline for that art-fair feel

Best for: A statement piece
Colour: Black & White
Size: H49cm x W104cm
Type: Framed Print
Reasons to buy
+ Original look for a repro price+ Panoramic layout
Reasons to avoid
- May get lost around bold colours 

Original art can be a hefty investment, and while to many it’s all about having that one-of-kind piece, if you’re not that bothered, there are also ways to replicate the look for less. This print by Catherine Stephenson is taken from the artist’s minimal sketch of the unmistakable London skyline for a look that’s both elegant and casual. The monochromatic palette of the line drawing makes it very versatile, sitting harmoniously in all colour schemes – although its delicate sketch style may be overpowered by particularly bold and bright surroundings – and the panoramic layout means you can be creative about where you hang it. 

3. Picasso Visage de la Paix

A peaceful print for relaxed spaces

Best for: Relaxed rooms
Colour: Off-white, black
Size: H60cm x W80 cm
Type: Framed print
Reasons to buy
+ Simple, calming print + Versatile work from a legendary artist 
Reasons to avoid
- Not everyone’s a fan 

Picasso can sometimes by a byword for the odd, off-kilter and downright discomforting, but this wonderfully simple rendering of the face of Peace is a million miles from that: free, joyous and calming. This minimal line drawing is a wonderful way to get the work of a favourite iconic artist onto your walls without making too bold a statement, and it’s not over-large either, making it a lovely relaxed option for a living room or bedroom where you don’t want to be over-stimulated, but still want to make your mark. 

Personalised World Travel Map With Pins

(Image: © Louisa Elizabeth)

4. Personalised World Travel Map With Pins

Got the travel bug? Use this wall art to mark where you've visited, and where's on your bucket list

Best for: Adventurers
Colour: Black or white
Size: H42cm x L59cm or H59cm x W84cm
Type: Framed print
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid

Oh the hunt for fun wall art which isn't hideous? This world map by Louisa Elizabeth is guaranteed to jazz up any plain wall. You can personalise the title and the key, and then where you stick the pins is up to you. A fun piece of wall art which will have your guests jealous of all of your travelling adventures. 

Mini Cow Parsley Plaster Cast Wall Art

(Image: © Not on the high street)

5. Mini Cow Parsley Plaster Cast Wall Art

The perfect addition to a plain wall

Best for: Texture
Colour: Wood and white
Size: H16.5cm x W8cm x D1.5cm
Type: Plaster cast wall art
Reasons to buy
+ Adds texture + Expensive looking
Reasons to avoid
- On the small side for bigger spaces 

Handmade flourishes add instant warmth and a lived-in feel to a home, and this plaster cast wall art from notonthehighstreet maker Fiona Grey Designs is no exception. The perfect addition to almost any room (it's best to avoid damp ones), these plaster cast tiles capture a moment in time from when the cow parsley was once alive, and are beautifully minimalist. The opportunity to enjoy plants even if yours have faded away...

6. L. S. Lowry Coming From The Mill 1930 print

Great British art for any room of the house

Best for: Traditional rooms
Colour: Multi
Size: H68cm x W80 cm
Type: Framed print
Reasons to buy
+ Iconic British piece for your home + Pre-framed 
Reasons to avoid
-May be a little dull for some

Showcase your love for British art with this digital print of Lowry’s iconic Coming from the Mill. Featuring those famous matchstalk men (and to our eye, at least one each of matchstalk cats and dogs), it’s a lively scene that’s kept from looking too busy by the desaturated colours and simplistic lines of the background, and the neutral palette of the foreground, making it more versatile than you might think. The fact that it’s pre-framed means you don’t have to worry about any extra expense or faff, so for a deceptively easy injection of character, this framed print is a lovely option. 

Tropical Leaf Print Set Of Four Illustration

(Image: © not on the highstreet)

7. Tropical Leaf Print Set Of Four Illustration

Add a tropical touch to your home with this set of four prints

Best for: Plant lovers
Colour: White and green
Size: A3, A4 and A5
Type: Framed print
Reasons to buy
+Eco friendly +Available in a range of sizes
Reasons to avoid

Plant lovers, grab a set of these four prints and either scatter them around your home to seed those tropical vibes throughout, or place them all together to start your very own gallery wall. They're eco-friendly, and come in a range of different sizes. We just love the simplicity...

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