Coastal home decor is at the heart of Crate & Barrel's new spring line

Plus, other budget-friendly coastal home decor buys you'll love

Crate & Barrel coastal home decor living room with a blue couch and a wooden coffee table and seaside photos
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Crate & Barrel's spring collection masters coastal home decor, and we reckon you'll be happy as a clam perusing the new offerings for your gathering spaces.

Even if you're thousands of miles from the shore, the recently launched line is sure to evoke memories of feeling the sun on your face, and sand between your toes. Think navy scalloped throw pillows, rattan chairs, neutral-toned vases, and other beachy buys.

We can't see the love for Nancy Meyers-inspired coastal grandmother decor going anywhere, so why not embrace this popular seaside-vibes trend? Crate & Barrel's new drop is an ideal place to start.

If you're toying with new small living room ideas or debating dining room ideas, a beach vibe will offer a laid-back and welcoming feel. Plus, it's easy to achieve, according to interior designers. 

"To bring a coastal vibe into your home, focus on colors inspired by the sea and sky, like blues and sandy whites," says Soledad Alzaga, San Francisco-based interior designer. "Use natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, and driftwood for a beachy feel that's relaxed and inviting."

Start by decluttering your small living room (or dining room), and sticking with the basic textures. Once you start styling, make sure the space feels airy. You definitely don't overwhelm the room with too much stuff — less is more. 

"Keep the space light with fabrics like cotton and linen, use slipcovered sofas, sisal rugs and wood frames for art and mirrors," Soledad adds. "For furniture like dining and coffee tables, use natural oak or light woods."

Soledad Alzaga
Soledad Alzaga

Soledad Alzaga is the founder of a boutique residential and commercial interior company based in San Francisco, which was named one of the top 15 best interior design companies in the city. It assists in all aspects of the design and build process of residential and commercial properties from start to finish including consulting and working with architects, builders, and engineers.

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Crate & Barrel's coastal home collection can run on the pricier side, so we rounded up budget-friendly coastal decor picks that are just as stylish and well-made but at a budget-friendly price point. 

Crate & Barrel isn't the only retailer embracing coastal vibes. Ashley Tisdale's Frenshe Interiors teamed up with HomeThreads for a chill West Coast-inspired collection, and the new Anthropologie Katie Hodges collab is a masterclass in California cool.

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