The Christina Applegate Emmys 2024 photoshoot showcased her whimsical garden — here's how to recreate the look

The inspiring star received a standing ovation at the Emmys, but not before a photoshoot in her fairycore garden

Christina Applegate in her gothic garden in a red velvet Christian Sirano dress ahead of The Emmys in 2024
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The Christina Applegate Emmys 2024 photoshoot was nothing short of enchanting. 

The actor showcased her resilience in the face of challenging health conditions — she was diagnosed with MS in 2021 — and took our breath away. Her confidence was on full display as she donned a burgundy velvet Christian Siriano gown in her whimsical home garden. 

We love the Dead To Me star's courage, talent, humor, and style, which is why we had to ask gardening experts how to recreate her storybook outdoor look. As much as we love our collection of indoor plants, we couldn't help but swoon over the actor's garden in all of its imaginative glory. 

Even if you're working with limited outdoor space, or perhaps a small balcony, you can still channel the fantasy element we see in Christina's shoot. 

"Embrace your inner woodland sorceress and craft a garden straight from a Gothic fairy tale," says Meg Cain, founder of The ZEN Succulent.

First, let's begin with the blooms. You'll notice there isn't much in the way of color, unlike the peonies that Gwen Stefani just planted, but the muted tones pull this fairycore look together, as does the cascading branches on her home. 

"Grow a self-attaching plant like Boston ivy or creeping fig on your house or building, then try planting small trees and pleaching them to give you a canopy to be able to walk through, which will help create that enchanted forest type feel," suggests Dominic Hooghuis of Plant Runner Truck.

Perhaps the pleaching method, which interweaves live and dead branches through a hedge, could not only be a statement-maker but a way to access balcony privacy. When it comes time to actually pick flowers, you'll have to get a little creative and think outside of the box. 

"Many plants can give that whimsical, unearthly sense," says Lorin Nielsen, head horticulturist at Epic Gardening. "And don’t hesitate to incorporate the dark and foreboding."

She suggests starting with ivy, which will be a good selection for pleaching. Perusing The Home Depot's outdoor ivy selections can be a good place to start. Ferns and fine-leaved vining plants, according to Lorin, will lean into the fairy element that you're looking for. And when it comes to getting dramatic, don't think pink for this one. 

"Plants like black mondo grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus) have incredibly dark foliage, especially when worked in as a base plant around taller flowering plants. 

Meanwhile, Marvin Magusara, co-founder of Retaining Wall Supplies, has a few other selections. "Choosе dark foliagе plants such as heuchera with its rich, purplе lеavеs or black lace eldеrberry," he suggests. 

He believes if you're working with a small garden, it's important to add in accessories like winding paths, hidden benches, and tiny water features to capture the look. And regardless of location or size, Lorin believes incorporating stone into the look is another way to complete the look Christina has in place.

Will you give the mystical aesthetic a go this year in your outdoor space?

Megan Cain
Megan Cain

Megan Cain is the green-thumbed plant lover behind The ZEN Succulent, a modern plant and terrarium business she launched in 2012. Her unique plant designs and curated collection of artisan gifts have caught the eye of major publications and partnerships, including Madewell and Anthropologie. As an author, Megan shared her plant wisdom in Modern Terrarium Studio and she's a regular on the East Coast workshop circuit, teaching the art of indoor greenery.  

Dominic Hooghuis and Duncan Hilder
Dominic Hooghuis

Dominic Hooghuis and Duncan Hilder co-founded The Plant Runner, which started out as a truck that sold florals and blossomed (pun intended) into a wholesale and retail ecommerce business.

Lorin Nielsen
Lorin Nielsen

Lorin Nielsen is the head horticulturist of Epic Gardening and its seed company, Botanical Interests. A California Naturalist, lifelong gardener, and plant-lover, she is a self-described composting geek, an avid food gardener, and the "plant mama" for several houseplants. She and the rest of the Epic Gardening team share a mission of teaching the world to grow, and she loves to help people discover their green thumb.

Marvin Magsura
Marvin Magsura

Marvin Magsura is a recognized lawn and landscaping expert and co-founder of Retaining Wall Supplies. With a deep-rooted passion for transforming outdoor spaces, his unique approach combines aesthetic beauty with functional design, turning ordinary spaces into serene and sustainable landscapes.

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