Um excuse me, do you need some balcony privacy ideas?

Eyes off, pls 👀

Boho balcony with white cushions and couch
(Image credit: @apfelsinaliving)

I don’t know about you, but I for one am passionate about topping up my tan as often as possible in the summer months. But there’s one slight issue with regard to my outdoor space — instead of a secluded backyard, I’m working with a balcony that overlooks a pretty busy and built-up courtyard.

If you’ve also got a balcony, then you’ll definitely relate to the struggle of not having enough privacy. So, to keep peeping passers-by and nosy neighbors out of the picture, making adjustments is essential!

Luckily for you, I’ve got you covered with some serious privacy inspo. From attachments for your railings or glass, to stand-alone tall accessories, these ideas will certainly bring some bliss to your balcony.

BRB — it’s time for me to lay out my towel, put on a bikini, and soak up some rays…

1) Invest in a proper privacy screen 

Balcony with white sofa and cushions

(Image credit: @apfelsinaliving)

Designed specifically for this exact issue, balcony privacy screens are well worth considering. They come in loads of different colors, fabrics, and levels of transparency, and usually can just be tied around your glass or railings. For a sleek and modern look, I love this gray mesh style that @apfelsinalliving has chosen. But if you fancy seeing some other options, check out our balcony privacy screens buying guide for loads more inspo. 

2) Hang sheer drapes from a tension rod 


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Got a balcony with walls on either side? Then I beg you to take inspiration from this TikTok creator and get your hands on an adjustable tension rod and some simple sheer curtains. I’m genuinely obsessed with how whimsical and romantic these drapes look and love that they can be so easily drawn and opened. Plus, it’s a damage-free privacy solution — so would work really well for renters. 

3) Let your tallest plants provide some privacy 

Colorful balcony with tall plants

(Image credit: @puruhomeensemble)

If you’re a fan of luscious foliage, then consider using plants to create privacy — just be sure to go for the taller types! For a tropical vibe, take inspiration from @puruhomeensemble and line your fencing with some leafy palms. Alternatively, add romance with pretty rose bushes, or go for chic and shapely bay trees if you’re after a more sleek and contemporary look. 

4) Tie a faux foliage panel to your railings 

Balcony with chair and foliage wall

(Image credit: @meaganelizabethinteriors)

As well as providing some much-needed privacy, this faux living wall instantly injects some color and texture into this stylish monochrome balcony owned by @meaganelizabethinteriors. These kinds of panels are typically super easy to fix to railings and come in loads of different styles. Plus, the great thing about fake foliage is that you don’t have to worry about keeping it alive! 

5) Or use bamboo rods instead for a more boho look 

Balcony with bamboo wall panel

(Image credit: @helloannelik)

I’ve gone for bamboo canes on my own balcony — and so I speak from personal experience when I say that they’re a great option. They’re relatively affordable, look super rustic, and can easily be trimmed down to size and attached with cable ties. Just like @helloannelik, I’ve also hung bulb string lights from them so that I can bask under their gentle glow on summer evenings. 

6) Cover any glass with frosted film 


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Although glass paneling looks lovely, it, unfortunately, leaves you with absolutely no privacy at all. Frosted film is a great solution, as it’ll still let in sunlight, and is easy to apply as long as you use a proper tool so that you don’t end up with any air bubbles — just like this creator has done. Alternatively, try out some stained glass-style vinyl if you’re after something that makes more of a statement. 

7) Put up a pretty wooden trellis 

Balcony with sofa and beige boho cushions

(Image credit: @iwona.jar)

If you’re after something that extends even taller than your railings or glass, I’d recommend trying out a trellis or a garden fence panel, as they provide the perfect amount of privacy, while still letting in ample light. I love how @iwona.jar has hung a raffia mirror from the trellis on her balcony, and reckon I’d do the same — as well as maybe adding a few colorful hanging herb pots. 

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