Breegan Jane explains why a tuxedo kitchen never dates

The interior designer says this suited and booted kitchen style isn't going anywhere

black and white kitchen
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When spending thousands of dollars on a kitchen refit, you want to know it's going to stand the test of time. HGTV star and interior designer Breegan Jane - currently appearing on The House My Wedding Bought - explains why she believes a tuxedo kitchen is the way to go.

Opting for striking black or dark-toned cabinets on the lower half and fresh white cabinets on the walls is a kitchen design idea we might not have always considered. But black and white decor ideas create a really daring yet classic look that gives the impression that you really know what you're doing.

black and white kitchen

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Writing on her Instagram (opens in new tab), Breegan Jane explains why the tuxedo kitchen works so well. 'Perhaps the most common request I get from my clients is to give their spaces a refresh. They seek to find new ways to breathe life into the areas that perhaps feel a bit worn and unoriginal,' she says. 

'One of my best pieces of advice is to ditch the trends and go classic. The tuxedo kitchen is one of the best examples of this. Characterized by rich, darker hues on the lower surfaces of the room, and bright whites on the uppers, tuxedo kitchens always feel luxe, appropriate and fresh!'

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At Real Homes, we love how it looks. The high-contrast option is a clever move, as it really does give you the best of both worlds. 

An all-white kitchen may eventually begin to look a little tired after several years of constant use. Similarly, very dark kitchen can look stunning, but again, we might fancy a change after a while. 

Of course, in our own homes, we have to go with what makes us happy - and there is absolutely nothing wrong with an all-dark or all-white kitchen. 

black and white kitchen

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If you dream of an all-black-everything kitchen, take a look at our black kitchen ideas piece. For those that love the crisp lines of a white kitchen, our white kitchen design ideas roundup has plenty of inspiration.

A bonus of a monochrome kitchen is that it really highlights any gold hardware, from taps to cupboard handles, creating a sleek backdrop against which these other materials can shine.

tuxedo kitchen with black and white cupboards

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What is a tuxedo kitchen?

A tuxedo kitchen is a kitchen with dark-toned lower cabinets and lighter-toned wall cabinets. Two-toned cabinetry creates interest, breaking up a potentially monotonous block of one color. As a result, the tuxedo kitchen lends itself to an open-plan space.

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