Experts reveal why this popular color isn't the one for bathrooms

This trending pastel shade could ruin a tranquil bathroom aesthetic

peach bathroom with peach tiles and matching vanity unit
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Painting a bathroom a fresh new shade is a quick and inexpensive way to completely revamp this space. However when it comes to choosing the best colors for bathrooms, there is more to consider than you might think.

After all, the bathroom is a space that works hard at catering to busy morning schedules and more chilled evenings where you might find yourself winding down after a long day at work – and/or after bathing the kids...

Anyhow, as with most rooms in the home, positive and tranquil vibes are what we aim for, and color plays a major role in achieving that. But are there actually bathroom colors to avoid? 

Yes, there are.

Color experts have recently shared how peach colors could negatively impact this space. Positive and peppy as peach may be, this warm, pastel paint color has no place in the bathroom and is not the one for creating a serene and tranquil oasis – instead, making you want to spend less time in there.

Small bathroom with pink vertical metro wall tiles, monochrome pattern floor tiles, white suite and green, pink and yellow floral bath mat

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Luxury bathroom experts at Drench shared how peach is one of the least searched-for colors on the website, proving that although this may be a popular choice for other areas of the home due to its upbeat vibes, it's not the bathroom paint color you should be investing in.

Helen Shaw, director at paint company Benjamin Moore also also lists peach as a no-go for a bathroom, amongst others. ‘Colors to discount in the bathroom include muddy browns or golds, and vibrant reds and peachy orange. The former because they have connotations with dirt, mould and mildew and can dampen your mood,' pun excused. Shaw continues, 'and the latter because they are exciting, over-stimulating colours, and therefore less likely to provide a calming environment.’

Blush bathroom scheme with floral wall mural featuring supersized flowerheads

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Karen Haller is an expert in behavioural color and design psychology, and she agrees with Shaw, stating that peach and orange rooms will naturally be more invigorating, ‘in color psychology, orange is known for its joyful, fun qualities.’ So although not a write off around the home generally, keep zesty brights like peach and orange out of spaces where a calm environment is key to design success.

Calming colors for bathrooms

If your bathroom is that place where you want to relax and unwind, favor fresh, crisp and airy colors such as blues. Green bathrooms are also ideal for a calm environment.

Bathroom with marble-effect wall tiles, grey roll top bath, grey vanity unit and blue in-shower metro tiles

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Whether you erase all traces of peach from your bathroom space or not, be sure to complement your color scheme of choice with light and airy neutral tones, sure to calm and uplift your surroundings.

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