Are we spending too much on cleaning products? You be the judge...

One in four of us spend more than £12,600 in a lifetime on cleaning products – but many spend more

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How much do you think you spend on cleaning products? A study by Harvey Water Softners, in partnership with TalkHealth, has found that a quarter of the British public spends over £16 a household a month on cleaning products. This adds up to £192 a household every year, which is a whopping £12,672 over an average lifetime (to put it in proportion, that's nearly half the average UK annual salary).  

What’s more, four per cent of us revealed that we’re spending more than £25 a month – which works out at nearly £20,000 over a lifetime.

Martin Hurworth, managing director of Harvey Water Softeners comments, ‘It’s not surprising we’re spending this amount, especially when we consider the level of limescale build up across the country in hard water areas. It’s escalating the workload.’ And cost.

And if you thought this was a lot, cleaning expert Dean Davies at states that to keep up with professional standards of cleanliness, people may need to spend up to £50 a month (or nearly £40,000 over a lifetime of cleaning).  

But if it keeps us happy and healthy – and our homes looking spotless – surely it's worth the money? We're going to be working out how much we're spending this week; maybe you'll be surprised to realise how much you're spending too? Let us know on Facebook – we'd love to hear if you think it's money well spend or money down the (very clean) drain...