Annie Sloan says the color of the year is a combination of 'empowerment, self-expression, and sustainability'

Curious about those Annie Sloan color of the year predictions? The chalk paint creator has you covered

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The Annie Sloan color of the year will feel like a breath of fresh air, and that's something we can all appreciate. 

"In 2024, I predict a beautiful, harmonizing interplay between colors that will resonate with the current mood for empowerment, self-expression, and sustainability," the chalk paint creator tells Real Homes. If that trio sounds satisfying, you'll want to find the nearest paintbrush and get to work. 

For large and small space color trends that experts say will be huge in 2024, look no further. 

Annie Sloan color of the year: what to know

From the winning hue to styling tips, Annie Sloan provides a little bit of everything for those who are invested in transforming their space through color. Once you've settled on shades, catch up with the small space interior design trends for 2024 to take your abode to the next level. 

What is the Annie Sloan color of the year?

There are plenty of shades that will earn time in the spotlight over the next 12 months, but Sloan insists one will outshine the others. 

"Earthy, rich Olive Green will dominate, bringing nature's serenity into living rooms and bedrooms, creating tranquil sanctuaries," she says. "This darker-than-sage but lighter-than-forest green has the reassuring softness of the former and the introspective romance of the latter."

Given that Ashley Tisdale's dark green kitchen and Kendall Jenner's emerald bathroom tiles were all the rage this year, we can't say we're surprised that green is having a moment — a well-deserved one at that.

how to style it

Sloan suggests ensuring that the green tone you're working with has a red pigment within it, to "keep it on the warm side of sophisticated rather than flat and stagnant." As far as how to accessorize nearby with olive green in tow, there are a few great suggestions that will ensure a perfect match between your furniture and/or walls and the nearby accents.

"Pair Olive green with natural wood tones and pops of gold for an organic and regal feel," Sloan recommends. "The mood here is sophisticated but playful — think chopping boards sourced on holiday in Greek islands juxtaposed with modern artworks and bright textiles."

Annie Sloan's other 2024 contenders

Though Olive Green took home the gold, Sloan says to keep your eye on other beautiful shades, particularly neutral ones. It might sound anti-climatic, but rest assured Old Ochre is going to be a crowd-pleaser. 

"Beige is big on Instagram, and although I could never recommend a monochrome space — please, at the very least contrast it with Athenian Black, or better yet, a cobalt blue to emphasize the nude warmth of this minky buff — this is a really contemporary neutral with a velvety finish that will set off the indulgent feelings the color invokes," she says.

While we're on the topic of blue, the newly launched Steely blue Cambrian Blue is great for your at-home office. Sloan insists combining it with soft pinks and metallic accents will give you all the airy, contemporary vibes you're searching for. (You're going to swoon over these modern small office ideas that helps you WFH in style, btw.)

And, but of course, since it is Barbie's world, we'd be remiss not to listen to Sloan's calling for Capri Pink. Now is the time to embrace that empowerment.  

"[It] invites bold contrasts," Sloan says. "Pair it with hot red Emperor’s Silk or navy blues for a sophisticated and empowered vibe."

Other brands' 2024 color of the year

Curious about predictions from other brands? No need to wonder, folks. We have you covered. What's more, we've unveiled how to use the 2024 colors of the year without paint, if you'd rather not go all Van Gogh. 

What to shop


What is the 2024 color of the year?

According to Annie Sloan, Olive Green is going to be the most popular color of 2024 because it is a natural, relaxing shade that will appeal to people and work well in various rooms of the home, including bedrooms and living rooms. However, Sloan says it also empowers and promotes sustainability as well. Her other predictions for the year's popular shades include Capri Pink, an ode to Barbie, Old Ochre, Cambrian Blue, the terracotta Paprika Red, and Frida Blue, which was inspired by Frida Kahlo. 

The artist adds, "The uniting thread is to discover your personal style and unapologetically celebrate that in your home. This will create living spaces which empower and recharge you."

Other brands have made their own predictions for color of the year, so follow them accordingly. 

What was the 2023 color of the year?

Light grey was a popular hue for color of the year in 2023, but according to our in-depth look at 2023 color trends, there were other popular shades, including gentle and calming hues like light lavender and bold blues, among other beautiful shades.

Stuck in a rental with a landlord who won't let you paint? No sweat. You can still incorporate your go-to color into your aesthetic. Plus, we asked the experts for their best tips on decorating white walls, and trust us when we say things get super creative.

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