Benjamin Moore's 3 color trends for 2024 are sunny shades perfect for brightening up your home

Benjamin Moore's 2024 color trends will work especially well in smaller spaces

Three pictures: one of a blue bedroom, one of a yellow bedroom, and one of a green and pink bedroom
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Benjamin Moore's color trends for 2024 are easy and breezy to incorporate in any home, thanks to their bright shades that won't overwhelm the space. It has three core palettes that bring together traditional and modern styles in a playful way.

Following color trends is a great way to steer how you're decorating your space, as you can really revamp a room by switching up the palette. Benjamin Moore is a popular paint brand that's known for innovating on shades, so it's a brilliant place to look to for inspiration.

If you're looking for small space color trends and want to focus on painting, I've got you. I've spoken to Benjamin Moore's team to find out about its color trends for 2024 and spoken to our deputy editor to find out how you can incorporate them into your home.

Ready to find out Benjamin Moore's best paint colors for small spaces, that will brighten up your space? As well as breaking down the shades, I've also found samples for each one, so you can start planning out where to use them in your home.

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1. Sumptuous shades of blue

A blue bedroom with terracotta bedding and a curtain

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Blue is known for being a calming color that interior designers frequently come back to, so it’s no surprise that blue nova is Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2024. “This particular shade of blue is bold but warm, with undertones of purple that give it a real richness,” says Emily Lambe, deputy editor of Real Homes. “In a smaller home, I suggest adding pops of it in the form of furniture and decor against a white wall, for a striking contrast.”

Emily Lambe deputy editor of Real Homes headshot
Emily Lambe

Emily is the deputy editor here at Real Homes. She specializes in small spaces and is always on top of the latest trends that will work well in rentals and apartments.

The paint company suggests pairing this with terracotta to add vibrancy that feels Mediterranean and inviting. “This will also add an energizing feel to the room,” says Helen Shaw, director of marketing (international) at Benjamin Moore

A picture of Helen Shaw in a blue shirt
Helen Shaw

Helen Shaw is part of Benjamin Moore's marketing team. Color expert and international marketing director, Helen and her husband Craig are founders of Shaw Paints, acquired by Benjamin Moore in 2020.

2. The sunshine shade

A yellow bedroom with wall artwork on it

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Mood boosting colors like pastel yellows and pinks are a smart way to bring dopamine dressing into your decor. “It’s amazing how colors can affect our mood, but by bringing cheerful shades into your small space, you’ll be able to relax more,” says Emily. “These softer hues will also make a small space appear bigger, as their lightness will help reflect light.” 

 If you did want to make a striking statement, Shaw suggests going all-out. “Alternatively, you could opt for a vibrant yellow and color drench the space.” She adds that you could then layer this with cobalt blue, which is a darker take on its color of the year nova blue. 

3. Pretty in pink

A bedroom with a green bed, wooden table, and pink wall

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

While Barbiecore pink is dying down as a trend, this softer dusky pink shade is showing no signs of going away. “Its versatility means it will flatter any space and works perfectly as a blank canvas,” Shaw tells me. “For a more playful scheme, combine it with an intense mint green, colorful accessories, and bobbin-shaped moldings for a quirky look full of character.”

Emily agrees that this is a pretty color palette. “There’s something very cottagecore about it, with its earthy shades that are still oh-so-dreamy,” she explains. “If you don’t want to paint your walls, you could always pick up some secondhand furniture and paint it with the colors instead.” This is a budget, renter-friendly way of bringing it into your small space.


What is the Benjamin Moore color of the year 2024?

The Benjamin Moore color of the year 2024 is blue nova.

What is the color of the year 2024 blue nova?

The color of the year 2024 blue nova is a dusty blue with undertones of purple. It's very much an indigo color.

Using color palettes like Benjamin Moore's ones for 2024 will help you know what shades work together when decorating. From painting to picking out decor, this will make your space look great and make the process a lot easier.

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