Farrow & Ball's color curator says this trend will take over in 2024

Ready for a DIY? The Farrow & Ball Color of the Year will inspire you to make a few tweaks to your abode

Farrow & Ball color of the year 2024; a clay toned living room with a fireplace, pictures, and cozy couches
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What should we expect from the Farrow & Ball Color of the Year? Harmony. If you're ready to take a breather and regroup in 2024, consider starting with a fresh coat of paint. 

According to Joa Studholme, the color curator for the brand, dwellers are looking for authenticity, sustainability, and most importantly, comfort when it comes to their interiors. As our world continues to change, we crave a reliable space where we can retreat for some TLC. 

With that in mind, what do Farrow & Ball's color trends predictions indicate for 2024? We'll tell you everything you need to know — grab a paint roller. 

Joa Studholme
Joa Studholme

Color Curator Joa Studholme has worked with Farrow & Ball for over 25 years and has become a key part of the brand’s story: she helped launch the first Showroom, became the first Color Consultant, and has created many of the colors. As well as creating new colors, Joa’s current role focuses on showing people the power of paint to transform a space, something she understood from a very young age. Although choosing her favorite Farrow & Ball color is something Joa likens to choosing her favorite child, she is a firm fan of Bamboozle for its fiery spirit and the way it makes rooms glow.

What is the Farrow & Ball Color of the Year?

Much like the Valspar Color of the Year, Farrow & Ball's hues of choice are meant to evoke serenity. Although there is not one shade per se, the brand predicts that clay tones are going to increase in popularity in 2024. 

"Over recent years we have seen a move away from cold tones like pale gray and stark whites, embracing life's rich rainbow in response to a variety of global influences," Studholme tells Real Homes. "[They'll] help inject reassuring comfort and familiarity into an atmosphere, adding a warm ethereal quality in any room — even those with neutral color schemes."

That's right, folks: one of the biggest small space interior design trends for 2024 is all about that easy-going energy. Plus, clay tones can trick the eye and make it seem as though your room is larger than it is. (Keep the best color combinations for small spaces in mind while you're at it.)

farrow & ball color of the year clay tones in a neutral colored bedroom with a wooden nightstand and red bedding

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Farrow & Ball colors

What are the options to choose from? Jitney, Oxford Stone, Tanner’s Brown, and Stirabout are going to particularly become hot commodities. In a sense, we think of these selections as the neutral Christmas decor trend extending beyond the holiday. 

Some might feel a bit on edge thinking that the color of the year is somewhat on the quiet side, but rest assured that you can add a chic and elegant statement by tying in fun furniture and decor. "Neutral" and "clay" do not indicate a boring color palette.

How to style

There are a few ways to keep these tones looking fresh and lively, according to Studholme.

"Using lighter tones on the walls and darker tones on trim will become the norm to create larger, lighter-looking spaces, giving rooms an uplift," she says. 

Additionally, she and the rest of the Farrow & Ball team suggest mixing finishes (matte and glossy, for example) to add different textures. You should even consider wallpaper to complement the look, perhaps though an accent wall. The brand's reps insists on using different wallpaper colors in the same shape to make the room pop. 

What to shop


What is the color of the year in 2024?

The Farrow & Ball Color of the year are clay tones, including Jitney, Oxford Stone, Tanner’s Brown, and Stirabout. 

"Rich clay tones continue to nurture us in times of uncertainty, while for those embracing the opportunity to try something new, combining different sheens and wallpaper is ideal for celebrating individuality," said Joa Studholme, the color curator for the brand, in a statement. 

However, each brand has its own predictions, so watch their respective pages to see what they predict for the next 12 months.

Where can you use the Farrow & Ball color of the year in your home?

Farrow & Ball's clay tones are great for any room of the house, particularly a small space that you want to feel lighter or brighter, whether it's a bedroom or living room. You can add pops of color through decor and different textures, or even mix paint finishes if you're working with multiple colors. We particularly recommend it for the space of your home that you want to be extra low-key.  

Not into a painting project? No problem. We've rounded up clever ways to use the 2024 colors of the year without paint, and we have a feeling you'll love 'em. Which hues do you resonate with the most?

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