'Alexa, I want you... Smart fridge, what the heck do you do?'... The tech we want, the tech we're still not convinced of

New research reveals the smart tech items people plan on buying within the next five years... and the buys they're still not convinced about

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Smart tech – do you own loads of gadgets already, are you excited about the prospect of owning some, or mistrustful of all the new technology entering our homes? Or is it more a question of coveting only the best smart tech for your home (but having no idea where to start)?

Recent research* suggests that some smart tech gadgets are more desirable than others. A digital home assistant, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, is by far the most anticipated smart home tech, with 41 per cent of UK households expecting to get one via a smart speaker within the next five years. 

Google Home Mini

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The same percentage are keen on a smart thermostat such as Hive or Nest, which will allow them to control their heating remotely. 

Smart lighting and a smart video doorbell are an anticipated purchase for 36 per cent; this despite our report last week that video doorbells are the least trusted pieces of smart home kit.

Nest Hello smart doorbell

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By contrast, interest in smart appliances is relatively low, with only 17 per cent saying they are interested in a smart oven, while a smart washing machine or fridge only appealed to 19 per cent of respondents. This may be partly because people aren't sure about what such appliances can offer that isn't already covered by their non-smart counterparts.

reasons to buy a samsung smart fridge

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And where would we like to buy our smart tech from? It turns out that only 15 per cent would like to buy from a specialist smart tech provider. The majority of us, it seems, are happy to continue purchasing our tech gadgets from retailers such as Amazon

Speaking of which, the upcoming Amazon Prime Day is a good time to get your smart tech at a good price. 

* Based on a survey of 2,500 UK households by Ernst & Young, analysed by property specialists FastSaleHomes.co.uk.

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