I found the dried pampas grass that's all over Instagram for less than £20 at Amazon

Dried pampas grass isn't just easy to maintain but it makes a statement – and this arrangement is a bargain for 40 stems

Dried pampas grass on coffee table with grey sofa behind
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Lusting after some dried pampas grass? Don't fancy paying a fiver per stem? You and us both, which is why you've landed in just the right place: we recently bought some dried pampas from Amazon, for less than £20. And to say we are impressed with it would be an understatement. A whopping 40 stems came included for this price...

We'll be honest here: we bought this Amazon pampas grass rather sceptically, and on a whim. We wanted some but didn't fancy paying the expensive price tag that usually comes along with dried pampas grass, so thought we would take a chance. Especially since we had heard good things about the Primark pampas grass, but failed to find any in stock after visiting more than two stores. Nevertheless, it's safe to say I am happy with my sub £20 purchase...

This dried pampas grass arrangement is large, inexpensive and it transformed my living room. Before, I was having to constantly buy bouquets of fresh flowers for the centre of my coffee table, but now I have this dried pampas to do the job of bringing the outdoors in – and it blends in with my colour scheme perfectly. It's neutral in colour and it makes a statement, to say the least. Just be sure to buy a sizeable vase to pop it in as it's pretty large. You could also separate this bunch into two or three lots and place each arrangement in a different room, whether in a dining room in the middle of a table, in a hallway in a large floor vase or in your bedroom on a bedside table.

Scroll down for a link to buy this Amazon pampas grass and head to our Amazon home decor page for plenty more impressive Amazon buys for your home.

Pampered Pampas Natural Dried Pampas Grass

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What else to know when buying dried pampas grass?

This Amazon pampas grass is 100 per cent natural as well as non-toxic. Meaning you can place it in reach of pets as it's not harmful to them – or children – though you might want to place it up high so as not to give them the chance to destroy it.

When your pampas grass arrives, take it out of the box and packaging immediately. Then, take it outside and shake it to make it fluffy. Pop it in the sun for a few hours or use a hairdryer on low power and low heat to make it fluff a little more and just pop it in a vase. No need for water. Lightly spray with hair spray to maintain its fullness.

Why buy dried pampas grass?

Dried pampas grass is the interiors trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon – and we are hardly complaining about it. Especially when it's this affordable to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, you'll find plenty of pampas grass inspiration on Instagram with over 400,000 photos uploaded tagging #pampasgrass. 

Pampas grass isn't just for decorating your home – it's ideal for including in baby shower decor, using for wedding flower arrangements and much more. In other words: pampas grass has endless uses. And, it doesn't have to just be popped in a vase and placed on your coffee table. This pampas grass would also make a great gift for anyone with a boho home, or someone who loves neutral home decor.

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