5 outdated entryway trends to wave goodbye to, and what to do instead

Avoid these outdated entryway trends to make the best impression. Our experts reveal what they are and how to swerve them

Outdated entryway trends are so unchic. Here are three entryways, one of a pink entryway with colorful stairs, one of a white entryway with a wooden console table, and one of a colorful entryway
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Want to know what outdated entryway trends you shouldn't be welcoming guests with? After all, it's the first place in the home they'll enter, so it's a good idea to get it looking as inviting and stylish as possible. 

We've spoken to design experts to find out what looks are outdated entryway trends, and how you can avoid them. It's worth having these at the back of your mind if you are redecorating, to save yourself cash and time on unchic designs.

Knowing the latest small space interior design trends is helpful when you are revamping any room, as they can help steer your style. Equally, knowing the ones going out of fashion will help, too. 

These outdated home decor trends for entryways are all worth avoiding, according to the pros. We've also asked them what you can do instead and have rounded up helpful buys to match.

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1. Don't overuse mirrors, try a statement one instead

A small entryway with two long coats, a striped shoe rack, and a blue framed mirror

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the most outdated entryway trend of all? 

“Overuse of mirrors is one trend definitely going out in 2024,” says Seymen Usta, interior design specialist and founder of Seus Lighting

A picture of Seymen Usta, wearing a white and black shirt and standing in front of a gray background
Seymen Usta

Seymen Usta is an interior design specialist and the founder of Seus Lighting — one of the largest home decor lighting retailers in Northern America.

“I know it's tempting to use mirrors to make your entryway look bigger, but too much of it can be overwhelming and reflect unwanted clutter,” he says.

Instead, he believes using one statement mirror can add some character to the space. Place it opposite a window to reflect light or even hang it by your coats for one last check before you leave.

2. Ditch neutrals, try bold pops of color

A green and pink entryway with a blue staircase and door

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You might be inclined to decorate with neutral colors in your small entryway. After all, you can’t exactly chill out in it, so why spend a lot of time decorating it? 

But, showcasing your style straight away in your home is actually a brilliant way to give a great first impression to guests. “It's time to bring some life and personality into this space,” says Seymen. 

“One creative way to do this is by adding a pop of color with an accent piece, like a bold-colored small entryway rug or artwork,” he says.

He also suggests doing this by incorporating natural elements such as indoor plants

3. Avoid oversized furniture, keep only essentials

A colorful small entryway with shoes, coats, and a white storage unit

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When refreshing a small entryway, it’s a good idea to avoid pieces taking up space and making it hard to use, functionally.

“Oversized entryway furniture can make a smaller home feel like a maze,” says Riley Annen, interior designer and founder of Companies That Buy Houses

Riley Annen, a white woman with brown hair and green eyes smiling
Riley Annen

Riley Annen is an interior designer, real estate agent, and founder of Companies That Buy Houses. She has more than 10 years experience finding houses with great potential and making them look gorgeous.

Instead, she suggests keep it simple and cozy, with only essential pieces of furniture such as small space shoe storage and coat hooks. 

Picture walking into your home and feeling an immediate sense of calm — this is the magic we're after.

4. Ban over-the-top lighting, try subtle illumination

A wood and glass console table with yellow flowers, books and lamp, with wall art hanging above it depicting a lavender filled jug

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Have you heard of never turning on the big light? This TikTok interior trend means going big on small entryway lighting ideas is decidedly out.

“People now want a cleaner, lower maintenance look,” says Keely Smith, lead interior designer at JD Interiors. “The over-the-top statement lighting trend is waning in favor of more subtle, integrated lighting.”

A picture of Keely Smith in a black top, next to a black and white wall
Keely Smith

Keely Smith is the lead interior designer at JD Elite Interiors. With more than 10 years experience, Keely has helped numerous businesses and individuals realize their interior design goals.

Subtle ways to integrate lighting into your entryway include adding light strips to your cabinet, putting a table lamp on your console table, and choosing dimmable bulbs.

5. Ditch fixed layouts, try experimenting

A small entryway with a green staircase and console table, pink walls, and a baby blue and white checkered floor

(Image credit: @lindsey_isla)

Leaving your entryway alone after styling it is a trend no more. Instead, designers are now saying it’s better to play about with the layout, to surprise guests every time they walk in.

“Forget fixed layouts — it’s now all about flexibility,” says Riley. “Your entryway should be as adaptable as you are.”

She suggests moving things around in order to switch up the vibe and keep things interesting. It's like giving your space a mini-makeover whenever you feel like it.


What entryway furniture is outdated?

Outdated entryway furniture includes large furniture pieces as these can clutter the space, and over-the-top lighting like floor lamps.

What entryway decor is outdated?

Outdated entryway decor includes pieces with lots of neutral color, overuse of mirror, and large decor pieces, as these can overwhelm the space.

When decorating your small entryway, it's most important of all to find styles you like. Even when following trends, if you have pieces in your space you can't bear to remove or are in love with, being true to your aesthetic is the best way to make your space look amazing.

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