New looks for walls: Part 2

Part two of the latest looks for walls, from murals and magnetic plaster to bespoke wood and fabric coverings

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Metallic mosaic statement

Add a stylish touch to a hallway or home office with these 3D mosaic metallic tiles – a key design trend. For safety reasons, they should only be installed in dry areas, and rough edges and burrs will need to be filed off carefully after fitting. Avoid using the tiles where you will brush past them or where small children might touch the surface, and a qualified electrician will need to carry out any electrical work around them, due to their metal content. On the upside, they’re easy to keep looking shiny – either wipe with a soft cloth or kitchen paper.

Torque brushed aluminium mosaic tiles from Original Style

New shape tiles

Hexagons are one of the hottest design trends this autumn, and it’s easy to see why, with their geometric simplicity and the distinctive honeycomb pattern they create. ‘Pattern is big this year, so experiment with colour and design,’ says Piazza Tiles’ co-founder, Abbas Youssefi. ‘Get creative and build an interesting splashback – hexagonal tiles are perfect for this.’ Inspired by geometric floors from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, Hex tiles come in gloss and matt finishes, in 26 colours from aquamarine to orange, and can be used in any room.

Hex tiles by Piazza Tiles

Horizontal colour wash

With the latest wallpapers, there’s no need for stand-out furnishings or fancy artwork to give a room character. Modern, small, box-shaped living rooms that lack interest can easily be revved up with a horizon-effect wallpaper. It will help to make a space look larger, and, in subtle shades, add a calming ambience. This design from Sandberg in pale watercolours has the mood of a winter’s morning and the warmth of the sun as it first appears – very Scandinavian.

Gryning wallpaper from Sandberg

Magnetic plaster

New from British Gypsum comes the revolutionary Thistle Magnetic Plaster, which allows you to create a personalised magnetic wall to use as an inspiring gallery or noticeboard, making it easy to display photos, your children’s artwork, or organise your home office. ‘It can be applied to new or existing walls at least 3mm thick,’ says innovation manager Paul Howard. ‘Once dry, coat with standard wall paint or specialist finishes, such as blackboard and whiteboard. You can also wallpaper over it and magnets will still stick.’

Thistle magnetic plaster from British Gypsum

Delft-effect wallpaper

Handcrafted, exotic tiles look fabulous in a kitchen, hallway or bathroom, but sometimes the work, cost and feasibility can be off-putting. That’s where faux-tile wallpaper comes into its own. Because the designs are digitally printed, they offer a really amazing 3D impression of authentic tiles. This Christian Lacroix wallpaper has alternating variances and touches of vibrant colour to accent your interior.

Patio wallpaper by Christian Lacroix from Occa Home

Graffiti tiles by Refin

Tiles for all spaces

Tiles have always featured in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, but with the advances in tile technology and design, there’s no reason not to use them in your living spaces. ‘Wall tiles today have more structure than in the past, with greater relief, a wider, more vivid colour palette, and designs that can perfectly replicate natural materials such as marble and wood,’ says Andrew Chappell, area manager at Vives Ceramica UK. There are no rules when it comes to choosing the right tile for a space, other than that you should always follow your own personal taste, but correct installation is crucial to the maintenance and longevity of the tile. If fitted properly, there is no reason why it will not last and look just as it did on that first day for the entire life of your home.

Azteca Soul Vives ceramic tiles by Ceratiles