Marble checkerboard flooring — why designers say this “anti-Kardashian” style is back on trend

Designers share why they love the chic pattern and how to bring it in on a budget

Marble checkerboard flooring is back on trend. Here are three pictures of this - a kitchen with these tiles and a black island and wall, an entryway with a white staircase and these tiles, and a bathroom with a wooden vanity and white walls with these tiles
(Image credit: Ca' Pietra / Ashton Woods Homes)

I've seen marble checkerboard flooring all over my Instagram feed at the moment and I have to say it's absolutely gorgeous. 

When it comes to zhuzhing up your home, you just can't beat a chic classic with a twist. So, I've asked interior designers why they're using it so much at the moment and how to bring it into your home. Fellow renters, get ready, as I've scoped out easy tips for you, too.

Some of the best interior design trends for the year are simply new takes on timeless favorites. This flooring trend is a fabulous example of this.

Why we love marvelous marble checkerboard flooring

This flooring trend will look great in all areas of the home, whether you're searching for entryway trends or bathroom trends. My designers have suggested tile ideas and decor tips throughout, which I've scoped out from trusted retailers, along with putting together marble checkerboard flooring picks I've got my eye on.

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Why marble checkerboard flooring is on trend

A kitchen with black and white marble checkerboard flooring, a black kitchen island with fruit on top of it, and a black accent wall with a bookshelf to the left

(Image credit: Ca' Pietra)

This pretty pattern that’s reminiscent of grand, Bridgerton-style design homes has now made its way into contemporary spaces.

“The resurgence of marble checkerboard flooring can be attributed to its ability to blend classic elegance with modern sensibilities, creating spaces that are both sophisticated and inviting,” says Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

The repeating and alternating colors and patterns trace back centuries but are completely adaptable to modern tastes and styles. 

“Marble is the current design star for this pattern with its organic and naturalistic looks that offer an array of choices for veining and colors,” explains Alyssa Trautman, interior designer at FLOOR360.

“The surge in popularity for blending the two trends into marble checkerboard floors was inevitable since porcelain tiles are now widely available with realistic marble looks without maintenance hassles,” she adds.

You can also enjoy this look in a rental with peel and stick tiles, such as the FloorPops Marble Vinyl Tiles from Amazon that are water-resistant and washable.

A white door opening up to a bathroom with white tiles on the wall, a silver towel rack with beige towels on, and a wooden vanity unit with a white counter with a vase of flowers and a circular mirror on it

(Image credit: Ca' Pietra)

I’ve seen people bringing playful personalities into their homes this year, and this quiet luxury flooring trend will allow you to do this in a sophisticated way.

“It brings a little bit of pattern and visual interest back into our homes, where they’ve otherwise been pretty plain and minimal, in recent years,” adds Rick Berres, design expert and owner of Honey-Doers.

He continues, “Think of it as the anti-Kardashian house, where everything is sparse and beige.” In contrast, Rick says this is opulent, bold, and contrasting, while still remaining tasteful.

How to bring marble checkerboard flooring into the home

A white entryway with a dark wooden and white staircase, white walls, gray doors, and a dark gray and white marble checkerboard floor

(Image credit: Courtesy of Ashton Woods Homes)

The key to bringing in any design element is picking the right room that will make it shine.

“Its durability and low maintenance make it great for busy areas of the home like entryways, mudrooms, and kitchens,” explains Leigh Spicher, design expert and national director of design services at Ashton Woods Homes.

“One of my favorite entryway tiles is the classic black and white checkerboard tile because it adds a sense of regal elegance to any home,” she says.

“Go for a classic black and white horizontal installation or consider installing tiles in a diamond pattern and select alternating neutral color marble tiles like light gray and medium gray,” adds Alyssa. 

A bathroom with light pink tiles on the wall, a wall mirror, a pink sink with soap on it, and a marble checkerboard floor with a wooden stool and a tall spiked green potted plant on it

(Image credit: Ca' Pietra)

For those renting or unsure about permanent flooring changes, Nina suggests bringing marble checkered patterns in through rugs and runners. 

“This option provides the visual appeal of the design with the flexibility to change it out as desired,” she adds.

In terms of adding decor alongside it, Rick says that you can be bold and style it with anything because it will look good no matter what you do.

“You can keep going for a neutral theme if you want, but you can also add color such as through gold accents and this won’t look out of place,” he adds.

For example, you could use gold as kitchen lighting. I think the Hudson Valley Lighting Anniebee Pendant from Saks is beautiful, and love the fact it’s easy to install and maintain.

Or, you could make gold the star of the show by using a statement piece like the luxe Sydney Coffee Table from Banana Republic that’s textured and has a streamlined silhouette.

Shop marble checkerboard floor buys

Marble checkerboard flooring brings together timeless elegance and modern versatility beautifully.

“Whether used as a bold statement in a grand foyer or as a subtle accent in a cozy powder room, this flooring choice promises will add sophistication and charm,” Nina finishes by saying.

If you’re looking for more of this year’s trends to bring in and want to go for something more colorful, Amalficore is a playful choice also worth exploring.

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