How to Shop for a Fitted Bedroom

Is your bedroom a relaxing sanctuary or junk-filled dumping ground?

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Is your bedroom a relaxing sanctuary or junk-filled dumping ground? If it’s the latter and you find that the place where you lay your head is the stuff of nightmares, then it’s time to take action.  At the end of a long day, everyone needs a comfortable and inviting bedroom where they can unwind and recharge their batteries. And nowadays, bedrooms are often more than just places to sleep – they are more like multi-purpose rooms that optimise all available space and combine practicality with style. Fitted bedrooms are the perfect solution.

If you don’t know where to begin, it could be worth seeking advice from an expert.  A quick look online will reveal some of the leading providers of fitted bedrooms.  Many offer free, no obligation home visits from skilled bedroom designers, who will help transform your bedroom by assessing the space, advising on storage and style solutions to suit your space and budget, and drawing up detailed plans. Your bespoke bedroom will then be expertly designed and fitted by a team of experienced professionals.  Before calling in a designer, though, take some time to decide what you’re looking for. 

What will you be using the room for?

Is your bedroom going to be a cosy den, double up as a home office, storage facility or entertainment zone? Decide what you require so that you can incorporate all your needs. Every bedroom benefits from having plenty of storage, so decide what needs to be stored and how best to store it.

Look at the layout

The size and shape of your bedroom and position of the windows and door will determine the placement of your furniture. Firstly, decide where the bed will go, then take a practical view of where other pieces of furniture might fit.

Sketch a floorplan

Draw a floorplan, including items of furniture you’d like to place in the room and experiment with different layouts.

Plan your storage

Fitted furniture maximises space as it can be designed to incorporate awkward corners, alcoves or sloping roofs. It hides imperfections, creates a contemporary, streamlined look and makes your bedroom look neater and tidier. Take time to plan the inner, as well as outer design of your storage systems. Think about dividing your storage space into sections – you might want to consider hanging rails at different heights, drawers, shelves and racks. A bed with integral drawers is a practical solution and you may wish to consider wall-mounted shelves and lighting above your bed rather than free-standing bedside tables. Sliding doors are the answer for smaller rooms as they use no extra space when opening. Mirrored doors give the appearance of a larger and brighter room. Check that all dead space is accounted for. For instance, make use of floor-to-ceiling space by including shelves for little-used items at the top of your fitted wardrobes, wherever possible.

Suss out your style

Are you a contemporary queen or die-hard traditionalist? Set aside some time to lose yourself online in the limitless collection of different bedroom designs and finishes.

Once you’ve decided what you’re looking for, book an appointment with an experienced designer. They will design a bedroom that is tailored specifically to your taste and budget – achieving the bedroom of your dreams will be a breeze.