How to organize a bedroom – 10 ideas for a super zen and tidy space

If you’re surrounded by clutter in your sleeping space, it’s about time you adopted some bedroom organization ideas to create a more zen room. Experts recommend these simple, budget-friendly strategies that work like a charm.

Minimalist bedroom with open bedframe nightstands with drawers ladder and basket
(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop, Photography: Chad Mellon)

When you can get to your bed without tiptoeing around an overflowing floordrobe, switching off after a long day will become a far more enjoyable experience. Organizing a bedroom is easier than you might think and when research shows that you can get a better night’s sleep in a zen, relaxing space, it's worth dedicating some time to it. 

If you’ve abandoned bedroom organization for some time, the chaos can feel overwhelming. But, taking those first steps to tidy up and sort out your clutter will give you an instant lift.

Fear not, we’re here to help show you how tackling one thing at a time and tapping into the best bedroom storage ideas will give you game-changing results.

Bedroom organization ideas for a zen sleeping space

Maintaining your home's organization can be tricky at the best of times, in any room, but most especially in a small bedroom. With this in mind, making clever use of every inch of space is a must according to professional organizers to create a peaceful place – ripe for resting and recharging your senses.

1. Only keep things you use every day in the bedroom

Minimalist clothing rail with basket and plant

(Image credit: tu tu, Unsplash)

The number one thing our experts recommend is to purge, purge, purge. Do you really use everything that you have in your bedroom? If you don’t wear something regularly then either trash it or store it elsewhere, not in the bedroom. Clearing out anything you don’t need is the very first step to decluttering and organizing a bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, this is even more vital.

Ryan Eiesland and Brandie Larseno of Home Sort (opens in new tab) suggest, ‘The first place to start when tackling a small bedroom with lots of clutter is to be honest with yourself. Here’s the truth a square peg won’t fit in a round hole and the same goes for the amount of stuff a small bedroom can hold - organize for the space you have, not the space you wish you had. Start by grabbing 3 sizable containers (we use mDesigns round woven baskets (opens in new tab)) mark each one KEEP, DONATE, TOSS, and get to work.’

You’re not likely to end up with quite as little stuff as they do in the room pictured above, but you get the idea. And we'd recommend you aim for a capsule wardrobe, one that elevates your room's decor when on display on a clothing rack.

Golden rule: If you don’t use it daily, don’t keep it in your bedroom.

2. Use the space under the bed

Under the bed organizers with file folded clothes and dividers

(Image credit: Di Ter Avest, Di is Organized)

All of our organization professionals also suggested this genius use of space which won't impact on your bedroom decor ideas as they are cleverly out of sight. Under-bed storage is an absolute game-changer. Storage boxes on wheels like these from Amazon (opens in new tab) are a favorite pick. They’re designed to easily slide in and out from under the bed so there’s no need to be too strategic about what you store under there. If you’re tight on space you could store some clothes under the bed so you don’t need to add a dresser or wardrobe.

If you don’t have much space under your bed, you can raise it. You can purchase bed raisers like these from Bed Bath and Beyond (opens in new tab) or DIY something bespoke. There are loads of youtube tutorials you can follow. Or, we simply used a few felt protector pads from Amazon (opens in new tab) on top of each other to raise the bed just enough to fit cute storage baskets and boxes underneath. If you have high ceilings and want to go all out, you can even raise the bed up onto a mezzanine – leaving you loads of space underneath for a lounge or office area.

Professional organizer and co-founder of NorthStar Moving & Storage Company (opens in new tab), Laura McHolm says, ‘If you have watched any of the tiny house TV shows you know that they find storage in every corner of the space to make the most of the space. The same goes for a tiny bedroom. Purchase bed risers to add more storage space. A lofted bed will give you more space for your shoe collection, storage containers, study desk and more.’

3. Make the most of vertical space

Kids bedroom with DIY shelving floating shelf and hanging guitar holder

(Image credit: Di Ter Avest, Di is Organized)

Along the same vein, everyone we asked also suggested making use of vertical space. Picture the downtown core of a city. They’ve likely started to build upwards, constructing towering skyscrapers because this is a clever use of space. Apply this to your bedroom by using the walls for shelving, hooks, hanging closet organizers, a peg wall, or a grid. We love the DIY corner shelving and floating shelf by Di is Organized (opens in new tab) in the bedroom pictured above.

Jessica Litman, organizing expert, founder, and CEO of The Organized Mama (opens in new tab) agrees, ‘Use the vertical space as much as possible. Find open shelving that can provide storage but doesn’t feel bulky. I love the ladder shelving from the Pottery Barn (opens in new tab). It is open so you don’t feel like the furniture is caving you in, but gives you tons of storage for items and can act as a nightstand along with storage!’. She adds, ‘If you don’t have a closet in your bedroom, try using wall space … to add a bar similar to what you find in a clothing store changing room. Add hangers with clothing for things that you don’t want to fold.’

4. Declutter your nightstand

Nighstand with baskets bedroom organization idea

(Image credit: Living with Lolo, Photography: Life Created)

The professionals also suggest the nightstand is a good place to start when decluttering a bedroom. A crowded nightstand is right there by your face, irritating you when you’re lying in bed. If you can’t find your phone charger, book, or lamp in amongst the chaos, there is little wonder you end up feeling frustrated and restless.

There is a super simple way to declutter your nightstand; Sharon & Sherica CEOs and award-winning, luxury interior designers at Interior Design By S&S (opens in new tab) suggest ‘Instead of going with an open nightstand, consider something with drawers.’ This super simple idea can be so effective. You can chuck everything you might need into a drawer, rather than having it all on the top. Or you can organize your stuff into baskets like in the bedroom pictured above. It looks so much neater and you can find everything when you need it. Plus, having a tidy space is much less distracting when you’re trying to switch off and go to sleep.

5. Ease overflowing drawers with cute bins or baskets

Storage baskets and bins bedroom organization idea

(Image credit: Living with Lolo, Photography: Life Created)

Firstly, if you haven’t yet learned the art of konmari folding, add that to your to-do list asap. This technique allows you to fit more into your drawers. However, if you’ve still maxed out your closet and drawer space, baskets are a beautiful option. Ryan Eiesland and Brandie Larseno of Home Sort (opens in new tab) say, ‘you can … place folded items in cute bins or baskets when you run out of drawer space.’

Hide away miscellaneous bits and bobs in natural ratan canisters with lids like this set of three from Wayfair (opens in new tab). Or, artfully drape a throw over the top of an open woven wicker rope basket like this one from Wayfair (opens in new tab) also.

Baskets or bins can be especially helpful when you’re organizing toys in a kid's room. It’s super easy for little ones to collect up games and toss them all into a pretty basket.

You could also make use of a stylish bedroom storage bench and pop it at the end of your bed for extra hidden space (and seating!).

6. Hang stuff on the back of the door

Ikea Ennuden Hanger for door

(Image credit: Ikea)

Make use of that dead space behind the door with over-the-door organizers. Amy Bloomer of Let your Space Bloom (opens in new tab) says, ‘over the door organizers are an inexpensive and efficient way to neatly store everything from shoes to socks to accessories!’.

We couldn’t agree more. It’s the perfect place to chuck your jacket, housecoat, or pajamas. Hanging stuff on a hook is almost as easy as flinging it in a pile on the floor and it looks so much better. Best of all, over-the-door organizers don’t require any installation.

This hanger for the door pictured by Enudden at Ikea (opens in new tab)is an absolute bargain. But there are all sorts of different organizers available that you can use to store a multitude of things, from shoes to makeup. You can get creative and combine different over-the-door storage options too.

7. Artfully display your jewelry

Etsy jewelry holder bedroom organization idea

(Image credit: ShopModernBohemia, Etsy)

A lot of our focus is on tidying away clutter, but beautiful items like jewelry needn’t be hidden. If you don’t have a closet, you can hang clothing on an open rail rather than in a bulky wardrobe keeping the space open.

Why not DIY a jewelry holder like blogger Julie Blanner (opens in new tab), to  turn your gorgeous gems into decor? You can use a nice piece of driftwood or two, add some nails or hooks, maybe some macrame if you’re feeling crafty, and hang up your jewels as art pieces on your wall. Using natural materials is also a great way to bring the great outdoors in. 

If you're not in the mood for DIY, Etsy has got you covered. The beautiful driftwood jewelry organizer pictured from ShopModernBohemia (opens in new tab) is made to order at a very reasonable cost.

8. Tidy away kids toys

Bookshelf and toy box kids bedroom organizer

(Image credit: Amy Lewicki, Three Daughters Home)

Kids often have smaller rooms, which they can cover with toys alarmingly fast. Di says, ‘Kids should not keep toys, school papers, or arts and crafts items in their bedrooms. That helps them not just keep their bedrooms clutter-free and easy to maintain, but also a clutter-free bedroom will prevent them from getting distracted at bedtime.’

If you’re fortunate enough to have a playroom, try to keep toys in there instead. If not, use cute shelves and storage boxes like the ones pictured above. Bins like these are ideal. Little ones can easily chuck toys in out of sight, so they’re not getting distracted by all their stuff when it’s bedtime.

9. Make the bed

bedrom organization ideas made bed with white duvet blue throw and blue and orange pillows

(Image credit: Interior Design by S&S)

Studies have shown that simply making the bed in the morning can do a lot of good for our mental health. Good sleep hygiene makes for good sleep. Make sure that you make it as easy as you can to do this every morning. A thousand throw pillows may look lovely, but are they practical when you have two minutes to make the bed in the morning?

Dee Middleton of (opens in new tab), suggests making functional bedding choices. She says, ‘Have you been in a store and adored those beautiful furniture displays or bedroom decor? Often, you’ll find a lovely bedroom set with a matching comforter, bedskirt, pillow shams, throws, and an abundance of decorative pillows. It looks inviting and comforting, but I’m afraid it isn’t very practical on a daily basis to remove and then add back all of those pillows when you make the bed.’

Rather than purchasing loads of cushions, throws, and blankets for the bed, focus on getting good quality bedding.

10. Embrace minimalism

Minimalist bedroom with open bedframe nightstands with drawers ladder and basket

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop, Photography: Chad Mellon)

Sometimes less is more. Several experts we asked recommended using size-appropriate, multi-functional, simple furniture to open up the space. 

Sharon & Sherica the CEOs and award-winning, luxury interior designers behind Interior Design By S&S (opens in new tab) warn, ‘Do not use a bulky bed or footboard! … [For one client] we used a custom upholstered headboard and mounted it on our featured wallpaper wall, this allowed us to take up the least amount of space and also eliminated always hitting your ankle on the bottom of the bed surround.’ Just replacing an old bulky bed frame can give you inches more space which can make a world of difference.

Big bulky dressers, wardrobes, and ottomans for the end of the bed may look beautiful in the store, but they take up precious space in the bedroom. If you have a huge room feel free, however, if you’re tight on space don’t over furnish. Embrace minimalism for a light and airy space, as they have in the beautiful bedroom pictured above.

How to organize a bedroom with too much stuff?

First things first, refer to idea number one and get rid of anything that you don’t need. If you still find yourself with too much stuff, Amy Bloomer of Let your Space Bloom (opens in new tab) says, ‘The key to organizing a bedroom with too much stuff is to arrange things by category’. 

We love this idea as it means you can tackle one category at a time. We don’t often have time for a full spring clean, but we could tidy up our clothes right now and clear up work papers later.

Organizing things by category also means you can easily label storage bins that are in the closet or under the bed so you know where everything is. The key to an organized space is ensuring that everything has its place. That way it’s easy to always put things back where they belong.

How to organize a small bedroom?

Our list was made with small bedrooms in mind and if you implement some of the ideas above you should be well on your way to a tidy space. If you don’t have much time, mastering organization in a small bedroom can essentially be achieved in two simple steps.

Step one is to get rid of anything you’re not using. Sarah Dunn of Get it Dunn (opens in new tab) says, ‘If you're working with a small bedroom, my advice is to discern what clothes you actually wear. If you can, rotate your seasonal clothes in and out of your closet. When it's summer, store your winter gear in a weather-proof container in your garage.’

And step two is to make the most of the space you do have. Roman Peysakhovich, CEO of Onedesk (opens in new tab) says, ‘If you own a small bedroom, you'll have to get a little creative with how you store items. Try to take advantage of vertical space by using shelving and hanging organizers to store items.’

Once your room is organized, focus on using strategic decor to make the space feel bigger. Laura McHolm, professional organizer and co-founder of NorthStar Moving & Storage Company (opens in new tab) says, ‘With that right décor you can make a space feel bigger. Here are strategies that will open up your tiny room while showing off who you are:

Mirrors: Hang interesting mirrors around the room. The views and reflected light from the mirrors will make a bedroom look bigger. Select big and small mirrors with interesting frames to add dimension to the room.

Color: Brighten a dark space by using vibrant colors, but be sure to stick with one bedroom color scheme. Too many colors can close in the space.’

How to organize a bedroom on a budget?

Luckily, you really don’t need to purchase anything to get organized. Just take everything out, purge items you don’t use, and rearrange the remainder into categories so you can put it back in an order that makes sense.

Instead of buying more, you essentially just need to make the most of the storage you have. Our organization pros all agree that file folding (aka konmari folding) is the best way to organize a closet full of clothes and make the most of your drawer space. If you don’t know how to file fold, it’s time to learn.

Laura McHolm, professional organizer and co-founder of NorthStar Moving & Storage Company (opens in new tab) agrees, ‘Lay folded clothes (t-shirts, sweaters, etc.) inside your drawers vertically on their side (not stacked on top of each other). You can purchase wooden or plastic planks to use as dividers. This way you can fit more of your clothes and see them all at once when you open the drawer.’

Make sure anything you do purchase is functional, not just beautiful. Eiesland and Larseno suggest, ‘Get the most bang for your buck by choosing products that will actually help you stay organized, not just look pretty. At Home Sort we often talk about function and style… choose the right product that has both!  We use mDesign’s (opens in new tab) hinged lidded bins in almost every install. They are clear, stack amazingly, and can hold anything from shoes to socks to purses.’

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