14 Halloween window ideas for a spooky but stylish display

Get in the spooky season with these Halloween window ideas

Halloween window display with bats and pumpkins
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Get into the spooky season with some Halloween window ideas to makeover your front display.  Halloween is a pretty eccentric holiday, giving us all the chance to deck out our homes in heaps of decorations, including pumpkins and spider webs. 

But, it's not just our interior spaces that we want to spookify as putting on a display for neighbors and trick-or-treaters is half the fun after all! To ensure the most impactful look, getting your Halloween window ideas down is a must.

And you don't need to be a pro either, some of the simplest spooky window looks are the most effective. And, as with many Halloween decoration ideas, DIY is the way to go.

Halloween window decorating supplies

Halloween window ideas to haunt the neighborhood

Easily recreated by amateurs and experts alike. For an even more supernatural effect, we've even advised on where you can add audio-visual effects for an added scare factor... Create your very own stylish but scary executions. Using fabric, fixtures, paper, and paint.

"When you're looking for Halloween party decor ideas, don't forget the windows! These window decorating ideas will make for the perfect party backdrop and give trick-or-treaters a fright as they walk by your house," says Abigail Sawyer, senior social media specialist, Blinds.com.

"Board up windows with faux-painted foam boards for a run-down haunted house look or turn your house into a creepy castle with cathedral window silhouettes made of construction foam."

"Alternatively, create a realistic abandoned house look by cutting frosted glass window film into shard shapes. Just make sure your windows are extra clean so that the illusion isn't ruined."

1. Pay homage to your favorite film with paint

Halloween window ideas with painted Nightmare before Christmas scene

(Image credit: Cara Hickey)

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect film for Halloween, Christmas, and even Twixmas (that weird time in between). So is the ideal starting point for a Halloween window idea if you're wondering how to decorate a front porch that's on the softer side of scary.

Here, artist Cara Hickey shares her interpretation of the classic cartoon motion picture on Instagram using a bright assortment of primary colors for a kid-friendly design. Perfect to pair with other Halloween outdoor decor ideas or to keep solo as it is stand-out enough.

2. Create a bespoke message using a message board 

Halloween window decorating idea with message to young trick or treaters explaining instructions on how to receive candy

(Image credit: @our_home_on_sandridge)

Digital creators, Claire, Paul and Wren Air initially had the idea to provide Halloween treats to trick-or-treaters during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic in a safe and socially-distanced measure, although we think this idea is sweet enough to roll out year after year, especially if you're on a budget.

Switch up the messaging for something cheeky and fun, or let door-knockers know you've run out of candy or that a baby is sleeping and you can't get to your porch just yet. Or find a way to fix outside on your railings so that you can manage expectations before fancy dressers flock to your Halloween-decorated door.

3. Make use of bay windows with different designs

Halloween window decor painted with Nightmare Before Christmas design

(Image credit: thepaintsmith.co.uk)

Crawling the internet, we've found our fair share of Halloween window painting ideas on single panes of glass. But if you are lucky enough to have bay windows, then why not paint a number of characters on each casement, just like Sarah Smith, founder of thepaintsmith.co.uk has?

The blinds behind this picturesque display will inevitably cast some spooky shadows at night to add to the atmosphere. And, don't stop at your front yard, you can also apply a Halloween window paint design as a conservatory idea too.

4. Or depict a whole scene that spans all windows

Halloween window painting ideas depicting Nightmare Before Christmas scene

(Image credit: @customart_by_emily)

If you don't want to create window art that works in silo, another way to approach Halloween window painting ideas is to create a cohesive scene that spans the entire canvas. This fall porch by Etsy businesswoman, Emily Smith has created, you've guessed it, another Nightmare Before Christmas piece of art on her windows.

While we've found that people are quite fond of Henry Selick's masterpiece, these ideas show you that the same inspiration can be executed in a number of ways.

5. Combine paint decor with indoor bunting and lights

Halloween window decor with painted pumpkin, fox, cobweb and tree autumnal design with carved and decorated pumpkins in display, gold foil pumpkin bunting and LED fairy style lights

(Image credit: @myrodoodles)

Maximalism is not just for interior design, so layer up on color patterns and texture in your Halloween window ideas. Here, Myro Coates, founder of Myro Doodles has used a combination of colorful painted motifs, calligraphy, gold foil pumpkin bunting (on display from the inside) and indoor LED fairy lights.

6. Make a statement with a simple slogan

Halloween window painting idea using orange and white paint

(Image credit: @lizholdsworthcalligraphy)

'Boo,' 'Ahh,' and 'Woo' are all onomatopoeic words that we're used to hearing on the 31st of October so choosing Halloween window painting ideas that use text makes sense. This colorful orange and white calligraphy design by Liz Holdsworth, founder and illustrator at Liz Holdsworth Calligraphy is simple, yet effective. Complete with web motif shows that sometimes less is more.

To upgrade this window art design we'd use glow-in-the-dark paint and couple this with scary music using an outdoor speaker for an immersive front porch idea.

7. Go for a classic pumpkin and ghost design

Halloween window decorating ideas with painted pumpkin and ghosts

(Image credit: @paintandglitterbylizzie)

During Hallow's Eve, nothing is more quintessential than decorated pumpkins, ghouls, and wizards. So don't complicate your Halloween window ideas and go with something familiar. You know what they say, 'better the devil you know' right?

When it comes to application, it's really easy, as proven by Lizzie Sanford, a face painting, glitter, and makeup artist. Use washable paint, liquid chalk markers, or washable window crayons.

8. Play around with mix and match stickers

Halloween window ideas with mix and match adhesive decals

(Image credit: Amazon)

Get artsy with your Halloween window display with spooky stickers With bats, cobwebs, and a grinning dead tree, you can create your own haunted windowscape for passersby to enjoy.

9. Greet visitors with this adorable ghost

Halloween window ghost decal in window

(Image credit: Not On The High Street)

Look, Halloween doesn't have to be all scare, as this adorable ghost window sticker shows. Great for a kid's room or if you'd just rather go for cute than creepy, it's the perfect friendly 'hello' to trick-or-treaters on the younger side.

10. Adorn your little one's room with smiley spiders

Halloween window ideas:

(Image credit: Stickerscape)

Like the idea of something a little more friendly, or after a cute addition to spookify your kid's rooms? These spider stickers are just the ticket. Stick them to the top of the window and let them hang out happily. We love the addition of their colorful bows, too.

11. Light it up with a giant cobweb

100 LED Light Up Spiders Web Halloween decoration by Lights4Fun

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Nothing says scary like a giant spider's web, and this one is sure to cause a stir propped up in a window. This Halloween window idea with 100 LED lights with spiders for the full effect, would also look brilliant strung up outside the entrance to your home as a small porch idea.

12. Give a subtle nod to the season with bat stickers

Halloween window ideas

(Image credit: Etsy)

Prefer a more pared-back approach to your seasonal decor, but still want to get in the decorating spirit? Add these bat stickers, from Etsy, to your window for a nod to the season. They come in a pack of four in the same size or 14 in varying sizes. We love the latter for a more artistic effect.

Pair with a white voile window treatment to add a haunted house effect.

13. Light the way with this light-up ghost decoration

Halloween window ideas:

(Image credit: Target)

We love the idea of using lighting in our spooky window scene, and this ghostly apparition, currently $21.99 at Target, is the perfect addition to our Halloween kit. It's double-sided, so you get the full effect from both sides of the glass, is attached with suction cups, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

14. Make your windows come to life with a projection

Stain glass Halloween window idea with pumpkin detail

(Image credit: AtmosFX)

"My favorite way to add decor to the outside of your home during the Halloween season is to add 'collusion' projections to your yard or outside window using a projector," says Michelle Hansen, founder of Practical Perfection.

AtmosFX has some pretty incredible movies that will really make your house stand out in the neighborhood. If you want a more classy option, they have the Halloween stained glass option as well as a really fun witch that's the perfect mix of spooky and fun without being too scary for trick-or-treaters.

What color should I paint my window for Halloween?

As well as your window panes, it may be a good idea to experiment with painting uPVC windows or wooden window frames too. While white is cool and contemporary, seasonal colors like orange are perfect for fall's frightening events.

Charlotte's Locks takes its inspiration from the flame red hair of our head of creative and brings a playful late 1970s look,' says Joa Studholme, color curator Farrow & Ball.

"This deep and dramatic orange is particularly spectacular when used in small areas with a sharp contrast either in White or black blue. For the very brave, do try it in a full gloss effect!"


How can I add texture to my Halloween window ideas?

A few ways to add color and texture to your space is to go down the crime scene route. Think bright yellow police tape and 'bloodied' hand prints using acrylic red paint or peelable paint. But, if you want something suitable for little kids, one expert has just the thing.

"Halloween decor doesn't have to be all pumpkins and scarecrows," says Ashley Dennis, social media specialist at Blinds.com.

"Pom poms strung along a thin thread and hung vertically in the window can look chic while still letting you operate your window treatments. Choose a fresh color palette, like this yellow ocher, black and cream."

"The trick to a more sophisticated look is limiting the number of colors you use, keeping it to three colors max. Consider coordinating or contrasting the colors with your window treatments!"

How can I decorate Halloween windows without paint?

"Before using any window-safe stickers, you’ll want to give your windows a quick clean in preparation. Choose a dry, overcast day and use some soft white cloths, warm water with some washing-up liquid, and gently wipe your windows down," says Adam Pawson, head of digital at Safestyle UK

"Once your windows are completely dry and you’ve applied your stickers, you can even add some decorative aerosol glass frosting to imitate mist and fog. This is easily available online or in your local DIY shop and wipes away easily once the Halloween festivities are over."

And if you are worried about traditional emulsion damaging your windows, why not try peelable paint?

"A great way to decorate your windows inside or outside the house is with peelable glass paint. Available in a range of different shades, the “Bat Black’ is particularly well-suited for Halloween. Paint cats, witches’ hats, and bats onto windowpanes and illuminate them with soft lighting. They’ll look spooky from inside and out! After Halloween, you can simply peel off your creations!," says Tanya Carter, senior digital manager at Robert Dyas.

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