7 farmhouse dining room ideas that will bring rustic charm to your space

We've asked interior designers for fab farmhouse dining room ideas

Farmhouse dining room ideas are beautiful. Here is a farmhouse dining room with dark wooden beams in a triangular shape at the top, a wooden dining table with white leather seats and a vase of roses, with large windows to the left
(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein / Bernardini Builders / Crafted By Nick / DNA Photography)

Farmhouse dining room ideas are perfect for those who want to create a chic yet relaxed space for them and their guests to indulge in.

We have spoken with interior designers who have all designed farmhouse dining rooms for clients to find out what they've done to decorate these. Mixing materials and practical luxury are two common themes.

If you're searching for dining room ideas which are timeless and refined, the farmhouse style is one of the best ways to go. 

Farmhouse dining room ideas we're swooning over

Whether you're looking for big or small dining room ideas, farmhouse dining room ideas work in every home.

Our designers have recommended decor throughout, so we have shopped these to help you get the look.

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1. Layer up distressed furniture

A cream farmhouse dining area with a fireplace with candles and star lights, a dining table with four chairs, white plates, yellow glasses and candles, and a jute rug underneath it

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Distressed furniture is a hallmark of this style, and it’s a breeze to bring it in.

“Layering in classic, distressed wood furniture pieces such as a dining table and credenza give a lived-in, farmhouse-inspired look,” says Natalie Meyer, principal designer and CEO of CNC Home & Design.

A picture of Natalie Meyer, a woman with wavy blonde hair wearing a sleeveless black shirt sitting on a gray couch
Natalie Meyer

Natalie Meyer is the principal designer and CEO of CNC Home & Design. She helps busy, high-achieving working professionals and parents throughout the west side of Cleveland create homes that are beautiful, functional and family-friendly. 

We recommend scoping these out at secondhand furniture stores such as Goodwill, as these will be authentic and give your place a unique finish. 

Alternatively, you could always learn how to upcycle a furniture piece with a vintage finish, or add a jute rug for easy rustic charm. Keep it looking fresh in high traffic areas by learning how to clean a jute rug.

2. Hang up a chandelier

A farmhouse dining room with dark wooden beams on the ceiling, a white chandelier, a glossy wooden table with a vase of orange roses on it, with white leather chairs underneath it and tall green plants to the left

(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein / Bernardini Builders / Crafted By Nick / DNA Photography)

You can make your small space look luxe or your larger space appear more expensive by adding an eye-catching lighting piece such as a chandelier.

“Enhance the ambiance with a statement crystal chandelier, casting a dazzling glow over the dining area,” explains Nina Lichtenstein, interior designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

If you're renting or hesitant to remove lighting fixtures, swap the ceiling lamp shade with an easy fit chandelier such as the Arturesthome rustic pendant light rattan lampshade from Amazon.

A picture of Nina Lichtenstein, a woman wearing a green jumpsuit
Nina Lichtenstein

For close to a decade, Nina has showcased her in-depth construction and design expertise. She has been celebrated for designing, renovating, and building elegant family homes with both modern and rustic feels. Her motto is bringing together function and beauty, without compromise, to embody unique visions of life.

You could also go down the simpler look if you want to go for a truly rustic farmhouse feel. "A simple statement-making chandelier with bronze tones or beaded details creates a stunning focal point,” Natalie adds.

For example, this Bungalow Rose Marie-Lucie Chandelier from Wayfair comes in a breezy brown tone and beautiful beads.

By choosing sophisticated lighting, Nina says you can transform your dining room into a sanctuary of elegance.

3. Choose vintage wall decor

A dining area with five brown and white wall art prints and a sconce hanging on the wall, a dark brown wooden side table with candles and lamps, and a gray marbled dining table with a book and a bowl of pears

(Image credit: Desenio)

As well as choosing furniture with vintage vibes, we also love farmhouse dining room ideas for the wall.

Nina suggests, “Infuse character into your farmhouse dining room by incorporating weathered mirrors and vintage art pieces. These timeless accents add a sense of history and intrigue, creating a curated look that tells a story.”

Her top tip is to scatter them strategically around the room to evoke a charming, lived-in feel.

4. Try a calming color scheme

A white dining room with a three head chandelier, a dark brown wooden dining tale with eight gray and light blue chairs around the sides, two windows and a blue door, and wooden flooring

(Image credit: CDS Interiors)

Just because you’re going for farmhouse dining room ideas, this doesn’t mean you’re limited to cottagecore decor colors alone.

“Opt for a neutral color scheme, adding a few touches of pale blues, greens, and creams, to achieve a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere,” suggests Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, which has twice been honored as finalists in the international SBID Awards and acknowledged in the NYCxDESIGN Awards. He has a decade of extensive and global residential and commercial interior design experience, including spaces with dining rooms that have farmhouse designs.

This is especially useful for smaller dining rooms, as these lighter colors can make a small dining room appear bigger.

“In this dining area we designed, the inspiration was the view to the lake and using colors reflecting water and nature,” explains Colleen Saglimbeni, interior designer and founder of CDS Interiors.

A picture of Colleen Saglimbeni, a woman with a blonde bob wearing a white and blue floral dress, standing in front of a dark green door with a wall of dark bricks next to it
Colleen Saglimbeni

Colleen Saglimbeni is the founder of CDS Interiors. With over 30 years of experience, she creates interiors that are stylish and elegant, as well as comfortable and smart. Through her unique design process, she marries exquisite taste and a trained eye with the reality of how life in a home is lived. 

This still creates a space to wine and dine which feels inviting, but just does this in a brighter, more airy way.

5. Transform the ceiling

A farmhouse dining room with dark wooden beams in a triangular shape at the top, a wooden dining table with white leather seats and a vase of roses, dark brown wooden flooring, and stone pillars

(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein / Bernardini Builders / Crafted By Nick / DNA Photography)

Bringing drama to your ceiling will elevate your farmhouse dining room even further.

“You can transform the ceiling into a canvas of design with shiplap and wood beams,” says Nina. "The interplay of these materials adds warmth and character, creating an intimate atmosphere reminiscent of traditional farmhouses."

The contrasting colors create depth, which Nina says will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

For renters, you could always add peel-and-stick shiplap wallpaper to the walls such as the Abyssaly Wood Wallpaper from Amazon.

6. Bring in tactile elements

A small farmhouse dining room with a black circular table with jute placemats and white flowers, a beaded chandelier above it, and a tall distressed white mirror behind it reflecting the scene

(Image credit: CNC Home & Design)

Adding rustic style textures are great farmhouse dining room ideas, as they’re easy to implement quickly.

Nina explains, “Enhance the tactile experience in your farmhouse dining room with the strategic use of woven baskets and textured linens.

“Place woven baskets as decorative storage solutions (we're into these collapsible Best Choice Baskets on Amazon), and layer the dining table with textured linens to add depth and interest,” she adds.

These subtle touches contribute to the overall coziness and comfort of the space.

7. Finish with authentic touches

A cream farmhouse dining area with a white breakfast bar with four seats looking onto a cream kitchen, dark wooden beams on the ceiling, and a large stone pillar to the left

(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein / Bernardini Builders / Crafted By Nick / DNA Photography)

For those who are homeowners and are set on going for farmhouse dining room ideas, adding striking features will bring the room together.

“Stone columns add a sense of history and grounding to the dining room, evoking the rustic charm of classic farmhouses,” Nina suggests.

You could also create a cozy hearth nook with a fireplace if space allows.

“This not only adds warmth but also serves as a natural gathering point. Surround the fireplace with comfortable seating, creating an intimate corner that beckons guests to linger after a delightful meal,” Nina adds.

We have this Duraflame Electric Fireplace from Amazon in our basket right now, as it's stylish and safe for children and pets.

By embracing the art of thoughtful design, you can curate farmhouse dining room ideas as visually stunning as they are inviting. 

“Incorporating these farmhouse dining room ideas will transform your space into a magazine-worthy haven, where rustic charm meets contemporary elegance,” Nina finishes by saying.

You can carry on decorating in this style throughout your home — we recommend moving onto farmhouse living room ideas next.

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