10 dining room wall decor ideas that will refresh your space

Liven up this social space with our dining room wall decor ideas

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Our dining room wall decor ideas are perfect for you if you're looking to spruce up your eating space. It can be as simple as a bold wallpaper, a beautiful mirror or adding decor to shelving.

These elements are a key part of your dining room space, as important as the table and chairs you choose, and the colors you pick. Even if you love a clutter-free style there are subtle decor ideas that will be impactful.

The best news is that whatever the size of your space there's a wall decor design that will fit. See our favorite dining room ideas for plenty of inspiration.

10 dining room wall decor ideas 

Whether it's one wall you want to tackle or more, our dining room wall decor ideas will add that new element to uplift your space. Which will you pick? 

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1. Open shelving

white dining room with shiplap above cabinets, open shelving, chandelier, table to right, chairs, light and airy

(Image credit: Keri Michelle Interiors / James Furman)

Wall decor comes in many forms, and one of our favorites is as simple as they get —open shelving. 

And the best bit is that you can use them for displaying decorative pieces like vases, plants and candles. Keri Lainas, owner and principal designer, Keri Michelle Interiors says, "Open shelving allows you to incorporate sentimental pieces such as photos, keepsakes from a vacation, or family heirlooms that define your story." Target's traditional wall shelf in white is a good place to start, buy a couple and start adding objects to them. 

headshot of Keri Lainas
Keri Lainas

Blending the beauty of natural elements with timeless, clean-lined design, Keri Lainas, owner & principal designer at Keri Michelle Interiors, creates warm and inviting spaces with a casual coastal take.

2. A quartet of prints

Small dining space alcove with green wallpaper, vintage table and chair, four embroidery style artworks, vintage pieces

(Image credit: MINDTHEGAP)

Artwork in any form has always been a winning accessory to add to any space, not only do they add life to a scheme, but pattern and texture too. 

Instead of creating a standard gallery wall, why not curate a specific look instead? A quartet of four designs is impactful and if you love the maximalist look then hang them on top of wallpaper too. 

"Dining rooms are a fantastic space to make a statement with framed artwork, creating a focal point or conversation piece in a room. I love to use multiple artworks together, a group of 4 or 6 framed artworks hung over a wallpaper brings a wonderful layered decorative feel to a dining space," says Stefan Ormenisan, creative director and co-founder, MindTheGap.

3. Add a large mirror

Dining room with cloud wallpaper, large round mirror, sideboard, table

(Image credit: Curated Nest / Jacob Snavely)

We don't tend to think of mirrors as wall decor, more an essential part of our spaces, but they can have a decorative aspect as well as bouncing light round a smaller room.

Circular mirrors help the eye flow visually around a space better than square or rectangular and this design works well with the movement of the wallpaper. 

Erin Coren, co-founder and principal designer, Curated Nest Interiors explains, "We wanted to provide a backdrop in the dining room that had an organic design, and we found that the Phillip Jefferies wallpaper was a perfect fit. The credenza and mirror added nice texture and storage against the organic wallpaper, and the mirror reflects the natural light from the windows."

Erin Coren

Before co-founding Curated Nest Interiors, Erin spent ten years running her namesake interior design studio, EMC2 Interiors, where she worked for a diverse range of clients including families, corporate CEOs, magazine editors, television shows, and celebrities.

4. Hang a group of plates

Maximalist dining space with wallpaper white table and chairs, plates on wall,

(Image credit: Divine Savages / @aiden.t_interiordesign)

Even if your dining room is small, you can still create a fabulous scheme by adding some decorative wall decor ideas.

"Mixing a contemporary take on a classic wallpaper with a display of vintage plates creates a wonderfully eclectic and charming atmosphere in your dining room. When it comes to mixing styles, don’t be shy and trust your gut - if you like it, lean into it, it’s a fabulous way to infuse your space with both modern flair and timeless elegance," says Jamie Watkins, co-founder, Divine Savages

You can source vintage plates at flea markets, or start collecting patterned designs from a favorite store, Anthropologie's Lou Rota mother nature dessert plates are ideal.

Jamie Watkins
Jamie Watkins

Divine Savages specialises in creating exquisitely crafted wallpapers, fabrics, accessories and limited edition art prints for the brave and bold.  It was founded by husbands Jamie Watkins and Tom Kennedy in 2017. 

5. Hang up your plants

Blue dining room with table and benches, blue wall with hanging plants,

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Often simple is best and this is one of those dining room wall decor ideas that won't break the bank, will bring the outside in and add a decorative aspect — what's not to love?

If you live in a period property you can hang them from the picture rail, if not, try the ceiling. Look for a variety of plants to use — a mixture of trailing and non-trailing will look fabulous. 

Not keen on plant care? Opt for faux instead — Target's faux hoya hanging plant is a good price. 

6. Invest in a wall mural

Bright dining room with wall mural on one side, yellow design with flowers growing up from the ground, dining table, chairs, pendant light, patterned rugs

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Dining rooms are lively places, and as such you can go a little wild with color and pattern to create an accent wall if it suits your style. As much as we love wallpaper, a wall mural can be immersive and eye-catching. 

"As sociable and energetic spaces, dining rooms are the perfect place to incorporate bold, all-over wallpaper designs. Murals work particularly well in dining areas, as this is often the one area in which furniture is pulled away from the wall allowing the full effect of a scenic mural design to be appreciated from floor to ceiling," says Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene.

expert headshot Ruth Mottershead
Ruth Mottershead

Ruth Mottershead, creative & marketing director of Little Greene, has been working in her family’s business for 12 years. She writes content for the company’s marketing material, manages photoshoots and communicates with Little Greene and Paint & Paper Library’s customers. 

7. DIY yourself a banqueting space

Banquetting space with table, bench Molly Mahon

(Image credit: Molly Mahon / Meredith Paysinger Hart/House of Birdie Interiors / Kaitlin Gooding)

Banqueting dining spaces are a big trend right now as they're ideal for small dining rooms where you only have a breakfast nook. Another aspect is that you can create  a raised back that doubles up as a wall decor idea on the lower half.

Molly Mahon, print and textile designer explains, "I love a hand-crafted approach to interiors and bespoke banquette seating is not only an efficient use of space it also adds a touch of cozy charm to a compact dining area. To cover the seats, choose a fabric that reflects your personality and complements your existing interior style, whether it's a vibrant and bold geometric or the subtle, elegant repeat of a floral."

Taking it higher up turns it into a wall decor aspect, Molly adds:

"Taking the seating backs high up the wall adds decorative flair, creating a sense of grandeur and visual interest, transforming an otherwise plain wall into a focal point."

Start creating your banquette seating area with Wayfair's Olivia upholstered breakfast nook.

headshot of Molly Mahon
Molly Mahon

Molly Mahon Studio began in 2012 as a passion project, and today is a global lifestyle brand whose mission is to keep the art of block printing alive. Founded by Molly Mahon, a British block printer.

8. Pop up some rails

dining room wall decor ideas, open plan kitchen dining space with hanging rail near table, natural scheme, artwork, Scandi style

(Image credit: IKEA)

Follow the iconic Shaker style by hanging rails up. They can be used for storage – baskets and bags, or decorative pieces like macrame.

You can hang them at picture rail height so they don't get in the way of moving around your table and place artwork beneath. 

Start with a simple wooden peg rail like Target's Wood 6 Peg Wall Hook.

9. Go bespoke

Green dining room with walnut style table and white chairs, besoke fretwork and bookcases at one end, large pendant light,

(Image credit: Vernich Interiors / Emily Followill / Eleanor Roper)

If your dining room space is long and narrow then creating a focal wall decor design at one end can ground the space visually. 

Connie Vernich, founder and principal designer, Vernich Interiors had this issue with her client's dining room:

"The space itself is quite lengthy, and I aimed to capture attention with something visually engaging and inviting, diverging from the conventional china cabinet or buffet. The intricate fretwork not only adds flair but also lends a touch of refinement to the room."

Custom cabinetry is perfect if your space is awkward, other less pricey options can include placing a display cabinet or shelving unit at one end (we like Wayfair's Alysa Etagere bookcase), it still works as wall decor, Connie adds, "Leaving the center area open allows for the display of a captivating piece of art, with the inclusion of warm lighting and carefully curated treasures amassed over time, the dining room exudes a sense of formality while retaining an inviting and comfortable ambiance."

headshot of Connie Vernich
Connie Vernich

Connie Vernich is known for creating tailored, practical, and stunningly unique spaces that leave a lasting impression. With 25 years of experience, a decade of which she devoted herself to teaching historical architecture, Connie blends her expertise of diversified styles with a modern eye for fresh and functional design.

10. Add some wall paneling

Wall paneling painted in stone, artwork, leather chairs, cowskin rug, retro lights, hint of kitchen

(Image credit: Victoria Holly Interiors / Lauren Engel)

If you're not lucky enough to have architectural detailing in your dining room then create your own. Wall paneling is the ultimate in wall decor and it can work in two ways. Firstly to add depth and character to a plain wall, like a backdrop for the space, and secondly to zone a space. This works particularly well in an open plan kitchen dining area. 

The beauty of wall paneling is that you can paint it all one color, add wallpaper within the sections or hang artwork. It really is a versatile wall decor option. 

If you do want to add artwork then Stefan Ormenisan has some great advice, "How you hang your artwork in a dining room should be carefully thought through, consider mirroring the scale and position of your table with artwork to create drama and impact, this will also serve to zone a dining space in an open plan space."

Our dining room wall decor ideas can transform your space from plain and tired to decorative and full of character. 

There's something for all budgets and room styles, so take your pick and enjoy revamping your dining room. 

Sophie Warren-Smith

Sophie has been an interior stylist and journalist for over 22 years and has worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time both in-house and as a freelancer. On the side, as well as being the News Editor of indie magazine, 91, Sophie trained to be a florist in 2019 and launched The Prettiest Posy where she curates beautiful flowers for the modern bride.