10 Christmas door decor ideas to welcome guests to your festive home

These Christmas door decor ideas will make your home the envy of your neighborhood and, maybe Santa too...

Christmas door decor by Lights4fun
(Image credit: Lights4fun)

The most styled and festive Christmas door decor ideas are an essential part of your home's holiday look. For some, decorating the front door can even top the joy and merriment factor that you get when jazzing up your tree... After all, giving your front door a new look for Christmas is not just for you, but for your whole street and neighborhood to enjoy.

Plus, it will be the first thing that guests will see over the festive period so you'll want to make an impression that playfully introduces your home's holiday decor inside. Enhance your outdoor Christmas decor ideas with stunning door additions, from colourful bows to traditional wreaths and more, to up your Christmas curb appeal.

Christmas door decor ideas that will impress guests

If there is just one way to make sure that your Christmas door decor is bang on-trend this festive season, we have three letters for you: DIY. Or at least a natural-looking decorative piece that looks like it was handmade. Color and Paint Expert Annie Sloan confessed to us: 'love making Christmas decorations from organic materials, things I’ve foraged for in my garden or in my larder.' From drying out orange slivers in the oven – 'makes your whole home smell sublime' – to hand-gilding a DIY Christmas wreath with gilding wax, the opportunities are endless. 

Whether you take a minimalist or maximalist route, when shopping for ready-made decorations, you're sure to find a natural fit for your front of house.

1. Explore a tone-on-tone green scheme

Annie Sloan Christmas Front Door With Wreath Close Up Chalk Paint In Amsterdam Green

Christmas door in Chalk Paint In Amsterdam Green, Annie Sloan

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

A timeless yet modern look, green on green is one of this season's biggest Christmas decorating trends and, it works beautifully as part of your door decor. In Annie Sloan's design, a vibrant, mid-tone green that leans towards a cooler hue has been paired with a natural wreath that uses juniper branches in a similar shade. The whole composition looks more fresh and contemporary than classic red-and-green door decor. 

Annie Sloan told us that her preferred material for Christmas door decor is spruce, 'but you can use whatever evergreens you have in your garden. In aid of a greater sensory experience, adding rosemary or thyme is another way to infuse your porch with not just festive sights but festive smells too!'

2. Stick to natural materials for a country theme

Christmas country porch style decor, Lights4fun

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

If rustic Christmas decor is your thing this year, then you'll definitely want to make sure that the look starts at your door. The beauty of going rustic is that you likely won't need to buy much at all. Logs, pine cones, and holly branches from the garden will become the perfect rustic decorations. And your wreath can be very simple, made traditionally from fir branches.

3. Keep decorations simple if your door color is strong

Christmas Outdoor Pre Lit Red Berry Wreath & Garland on Door

Christmas Outdoor Pre Lit Red Berry Wreath & Garland on Door, Lights4fun

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

If you have an unusually bright or bold door color, that's half your Christmas front door decor already sorted. You'll want to avoid too much color in any decorations you put on or around your door, as they're likely to clash. A garland of luscious greenery will be more than enough for a front door that's already making a bold statement. The best Christmas garlands will look as much as real foliage as possible.

4. Swap a traditional wreath for a creative Christmas memento

Christmas porch by She Holds Dearly

(Image credit: She Holds Dearly)

Bored by wreaths? They're not strictly necessary and you can swap them with many other things, including a floral arrangement, a tasteful decoration made from twigs and berries – or, if you want something completely different, why not take inspiration from this amazing Christmas door decor by She Holds Dearly? It really is a brilliant idea: ice skates are perfectly appropriate as an element of Christmas decor, yet the whole arrangement looks completely unique. 

5. Add a playful touch with a candy theme

Novelty Candy Cane Christmas Door Balloon Arch Kit, Ginger Ray

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)

Who says you can't have balloons for Christmas? If your front door area is neutral, why not decorate with bright, joyful colors? Even a candy-colored medley like the one above won't be out of place in a door area that otherwise lacks brightness. The Christmas candy-shaped balloons make it unmistakably Christmassy, if you're worried that you door display would look too much like a kid's birthday party.

6. Double up on wreaths to make an elegant statement

Red Velvet Christmas Door Wreaths, Dibor

(Image credit: Dibor)

If your door is a double door, or even if it's just extra-wide, choosing two Christmas wreaths instead of one will create a more formal, elegant look. A frosty, blue-and-white color scheme like the one created by Dibor will make your door decor look fit for the Snow Queen herself.

7. Modernize your door decor with pastels

Christmas door decor by Dunelm

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Carefully chosen pastel shades will give you a more contemporary look than traditional strong reds and greens. From soft lilacs to a warm, dusty pink, a pastel Christmas door decor announces a homeowner who is trend-savvy and an young at heart. 

Our top tip: if you are going for a pastel theme, it's best to keep to light-colored decorations. Overly dark foliage will drown out the delicate pastels.

8. Accent door details with a bauble display

A Christmas crown hanging on a white front door with molding

(Image credit: olrat/ Getty)

If you are lucky to have a door with a fancy molding, make the most of it with a decoration that accentuates the detail. Don't cover it up with an oversized wreath – instead, opt for something dainty and demure, like this delightful bauble-studded mini wreath. You could even make your own Christmas wreath so that you can customize it to size.

9. Go vintage by pulling fall door decor into Christmas

Vintage-style fall/Christmas door decor

(Image credit: olrat/ Getty)

Some of us just prefer fall decor over the traditional fir-and-holly Christmas ware. If rich brown and orange tones are your favorites, there's no reason why you can't incorporate them into your Christmas door decor. 

Chinese lantern plant has been used to create this exquisite fall/Christmas decoration, and we really like the way it has been made to look partly undone. Perfect for boho decor lovers. 

10. Decorate the perimeter for added interest

Christmas entrance door decoration white and red with christmas wreath

(Image credit: NRuedisueli/ Getty)

When decorating your door, remember that it's not all about the centerpiece. Add more interest by hanging lights, garlands, or a DIY display like this one along your front porch, the perimeter of your door or, right above the door. 

We like that the baubles here have been suspended at slightly different heights. This creates a more relaxed, modern decorating scheme. 

How can I secure Christmas decorations to my front door? 

Don't worry, you won't have to ruin your perfect door paintwork with a nail when installing your Christmas decor. There are clever ways to hang a wreath or any other decorative addition. Marc Husband, Purchasing Director at Leader Doors, has top tips: 'If you want to secure a wreath or any other hanging decorations, you can either use a special over-door hanger or simply a self-adhesive hook. Place the hooks upside down at the back of your door and secure your decoration with a beautiful ribbon or a clear thread — completely invisible from the outside. This is a super easy trick, and it won't damage your doors!'

What do you hang on your front door after Christmas?

If your Christmas door decor is very Christmassy, you may find you're not so keen on it after Christmas, especially once it's January. If your Christmas door decor is more generally winter-themed and restrained, though, there's no reason not to keep it. Evergreen centerpieces can be refreshed by inserting fresh flowers, feathers, or sprigs of lavender into them. If you have ribbon detailing, you may be able to change the look by changing the color of your ribbon – say from red to white. And, of course, evergreen arrangements can be adapted for Easter with pastel details when we're further into spring.

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