Found: 7 useful gifts that are a practical person's dream

These useful gifts are not a want but a need.

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Shopping for useful gifts is difficult, but after the past two years, we've had? It's more justified than ever. With so many of us spending more time than usual at home, we unpractical people have noticed just how unpractical so many items are in homes. 

And, now more than ever, we're emphasizing things like the best mattress or best mattress topper. 

Though, when it comes to the holiday season, we can't help but want to make our useful gifts "special." Leading us to wonder: how can you be "practical" or "sensible" without being boring? The answer: find elevated items that are practical. 

Yes, it's a fine line, and the Real Homes team is here to help you balance it. 

7 useful gifts to invest in this holiday season

From instant pots to kindles, here are the sensible items that make the perfect useful gifts. 

1. An instant pot 

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2. A smart watch to keep track of every fitness goal

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3. A versatile indoor bike (that folds up!)

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4. A five-star cookbook

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5. This mini fridge 

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6. Reese Witherspoon's go-to mug

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7. Monogrammable stationary to add a *personal* touch

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Brittany Romano
Brittany Romano

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