12 of the best Urban Outfitters lamps for when the big light gives you the ick

These Urban Outfitters lamps get the green light from us 🚦

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If I’m being totally honest with you, I would probably spend way too much money on Urban Outfitters' lamps. But I pay my rent on time and still manage to keep some dollar bills behind to feed myself, so why shouldn’t I give myself a little treat every now and then? 

While I love everything on Urban Outfitters' website, my latest obsession is the lamps. In fact, I’m on a mission to add a lamp to every single room of my apartment, from bedroom lamps to a statement lamp in the lounge and cute little reading lamps dotted around book nooks. Achieving this goal will finally allow me to turn off my horror-inducing "big light" and fill my home with a warm glow that’s perfect for the winter months.

It’s safe to say that I fell down a bit of an Urban Outfitters furniture rabbit hole during my search. I basically wanted to add all of the brand's lamps to my cart, so I decided to be a good samaritan and share some of the absolute stunners I found.

12 of the best Urban Outfitters lamps that deserve the spotlight

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I know everyone has their own requirements when it comes to lamps, which is why I decided to split my search into two sections. You can browse through floor lamps, table lamps, and desk lamps, and I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with one — or all 12.

Urban Outfitters floor lamps

Urban Outfitters table and desk lamps

How we chose these Urban Outfitters lamps

Logistically, it wasn't possible to call in all of the Urban Outfitters lamps, so instead we filtered our search results to include top-rated picks with the best star ratings. As well as this, we read through reviews at the bottom of the respective product pages. Sometimes, there might be one or a handful of low ratings that skew the average, and we'll need to look at the reasons why poor ratings are received.

In some cases, the products are very new, so haven't been rated. Here we use our knowledge of industry trends to predict what will be popular.

Now that you've got the lighting right, you need a cute Urban Outfitters mirror to peep all the angles of your OOTD and get the best selfies. 

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