7 boho fall decor picks that make me want to wrap up in a sweater

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I totally understand the fear that's struck into the hearts of minimalists when fall and Halloween rock up. Bright orange, black, rusty browns, and reds don't paint the prettiest picture in a vanilla girl's home. If boho decor is your bread and butter tho — what a treat! Fall decorating basically becomes an extension of the style you already love so much. If we were to play a guessing game, the words textured fabrics, earthy colors, and natural elements could really be describing either. 

When it comes to putting a boho lens on your fall decor, shopping becomes a lot of fun. Here are seven autumnal decor items that are perfect for boho spaces and, TBH, will definitely work for most of the year, too. 

Boho style fall decor you should add to cart this season

Not that you need any excuse to buy some cute fall decor, but the air is feeling a little crisper and the sweaters are already out of my closet. Here are some boho picks that'll do nothing but boost those cozy fall feelings.

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