The best home office storage accessories

Getting tangled up in wires and drowning in to-do lists? Keep everything organised with our list of the best home office storage accessories

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It’s all very well and good designing the perfect home office, but it feels like no sooner have you put that perfect desk in place, it’s covered in piles of paper and scattered with push pins and paperclips (where do they all come from?)

You can nip your clutter concerns in the bud by adding a few well-chosen accessories to the mix. We’re talking about home office storage accessories that’ll keep those troublesome but necessary bits exactly where they need to be, or keep them out of sight until they’re needed next.

1. Wire Magazine Rack

Effortless industrial style, even if it’s just the spare room

Best for: A stylish magazine/letter rack
Material: Steel
Dimensions: H87 x W32 x D12cm
Colour: Gunmetal
Reasons to buy
+ Durable but beautiful + Three handy compartments 
Reasons to avoid
- Careful not to overload it 

To cultivate a spot-on industrial aesthetic in your office space, you’ll need the right accessories. This wire magazine rack from Cox and Cox nails the trend and is also super practical. Use its three minimal compartments to showcase all your favourite things in an inspo-heavy studio or creative workspace or use it to organise those “I’ll get to it eventually” files. Made of durable steel, but still light enough to hang on the wall, its combination of usefulness and rugged good looks earn it our top spot. 

2. KATE SPADE NEW YORK 'things to do' desk tray

Ease the pain of endless admin with this glamorous in-tray

Best for: An Instagram-worthy desk
Material: Acrylic
Dimensions: H7.62 x W22.86 x D30.99 cm
Colour: Gold
Reasons to buy
+ Trendy and contemporary + Luxurious look 
Reasons to avoid
- Fairly basic solution 

Staring down a to-do list as long as your arm or drowning in piles of unfiled paper is no-one’s favourite thing, but an in-tray as glamorous as this could certainly help ease a little of the frustration. Far less utilitarian than you might expect a desk tray to be, this Kate Spade version is all kitted out in contemporary Perspex and rose gold, engraved with“things to do”, and is far too pretty to be shut away in a drawer — good news for those of us how have a small desk

3. SONGMICS Bamboo Monitor Stand and Desktop Organizer

Obsessive organising just got a whole lot easier

Best for: Smaller stationery
Material: Bamboo
Dimensions: H8.5 x W60 x D30.2 cm
Colour: Natural
Reasons to buy
+ Monitor stand plus storage + Sustainable bamboo 
Reasons to avoid
- No room for extra items 

Made of sustainable bamboo, with a distinctive natural pattern, this sustainable riser can be a feature in its own right in a light and airy office space, but arguably its real beauty lies in the fact that it keeps all the essentials within easy reach, while teaching us a valuable lesson about minimalism. No room for it on the riser? Away it goes.

4. Cable Tidy Box Large

Avoids trippage, rippage, and other unfortunate cable-related accidents

Best for: Organising cables
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: H16.8 x W43.6 x D18.4 cm
Colour: Silver
Reasons to buy
+ Spacious enough for extension leads + Cooling ventilator holes 
Reasons to avoid
- Can still look a little corporate 

Nothing can make a home office look quite so messy, quite so quickly, as a wild mass of tangled cables. That’s where the best cable management systems step up, and this is our favourite right now. This large cable box offers enough room to conceal unsightly extensions, not only looking much neater than the alternative, but also leaving nothing trailing under your feet for you, or a well-meaning pet, to accidentally dislodge mid-document. With its ventilation holes, it’s also a good hiding place for bulky laptop adapters which might be prone to overheating. 

5. Pierre Henry Metal File Box

A sturdy and stylish file box for all your most important admin

Best for: Life admin
Material: Metal
Dimensions: H28.8 x W36.8 x D22.2 cm
Colour: Blue, black
Reasons to buy
+ Unexpected pale blue shade + Simple alternative to fiddly expanding files 
Reasons to avoid
- Some reported non-working locks 

Having all of your important documents in one place, segmented by type or even — swoon — alphabetised, is an organiser’s dream, and you don’t need a bulky, shoulder-height filing cabinet to achieve it. This metal box file from Pierre Henry is a halfway house between an expanding box file and space-stealing cabinets. Spacious enough for the necessities, but small enough to stow under the desk or even in a wardrobe, it’s sleek and easily concealable, great for small offices.

6. Osco Triple Magazine Archive Faux Leather

For a high-end look at a high-street price, faux leather wins every time

Best for: Classic offices
Material: Faux leather
Dimensions: H31.5 x W28 x
Colour: Brown
Reasons to buy
+ Good for traditional offices + High-end leather look 
Reasons to avoid
- Only comes in brown 

Leather has long been a classic choice for studies and home offices, but to capture that luxurious, stately feel for less, why not consider faux leather accessories? Part of an affordable but deceptively high-end looking range for high street stationers Ryman, this triple magazine archive is a sensible and stylish way to keep those back issues in check without sacrificing the authentic feel of a traditional office. For maximum effect, the odd issue of TIME wouldn’t go amiss, but we won’t judge if we see a few copies of Cosmo in there... 

7. Odessa Wire Storage Tray set of 2

Get organised in opulent style with metallic finishes and geometric lines

Best for: A glam way to organise clutter
Material: Plated metal
Dimensions: Small: H26.5 x W19.5 x D5.5 cm, Large: H36.5 x W27.5 x D5.5 cm
Colour: Copper
Reasons to buy
+ Good-looking storage + Elegant metallic finish 
Reasons to avoid
- Not good for small items 

While not best suited to smaller items like pins and paper clips, which are liable to fall through the rather large gaps — consider something like the SONGMICS riser and organiser for those — these trendy wire trays are great for organising correspondence or magazines, or larger bits of stationery. 

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