Yes, gothic boho decor is a thing — here’s what you need to decorate in this style

If you're into both dark and light design, goth boho design could be the perfect middle ground for you

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Gothic Boho Decor: Quick Menu

If you like a mix of darker interiors and easy breezy styling, you’re going to love gothic boho decor. The look brings two opposite styles together for a romantic finish with an elegant edge.

Growing up, I lived in a house that was pretty goth. I loved the style, but as I got older, I wanted to decorate my home in a more relaxed style. That’s why I love gothic boho, as it brings two of my loves together in a seriously cool way.

Want to decorate your own home with this darker take on boho design? I’ve rounded up a range of decor buys that will help you get the look without having to spend a lot of money or needing to paint your walls back (fellow renters, I feel you!).

9 gothic boho decor buys that are detailed and dreamy

From bigger pieces to smaller finishing touches, these beautiful buys are great for making your favorite dark decorating ideas come together, all with a nature-inspired touch.

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What is gothic boho decor?

Gothic boho decor is a combination of the witchy goth aesthetic, matched with the natural elements of the boho aesthetic. This creates a relaxed feeling room, which has dark and cozy elements.  

How to decorate with gothic boho decor?

Combine dark colors and gothic shapes, along with nature-inspired boho colors and textures. Dark candles, jute rugs, and ivy garlands are all examples of how you can bring this into your place. 

Now you know how to decorate with gothic boho decor, you might want to try other popular takes on the goth aesthetic, too. Whimisgoth is a moody yet playful style, with plenty of witchy elements. 

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