These Dormify headboards will make your dorm bed chic and cozy

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There’s one thing that I totally regret not getting for my college dorm, and that's a headboard. It sounds pretty random, but most dorms don’t come with one. Luckily, there are plenty of cute Dormify headboards that are perfect for adding extra comfort to your room on campus.

When you’re in college — even when you’re not fully in your pajamas, ready to sleep — you’re probably gonna spend a lot of time chilling on your bed. Whether you’re getting to know your roomie or just relaxing after a lecture, it will become your go-to place to sit. That’s why having a headboard is a good idea, so you can do that comfortably. Oh, and the right headboard can really add to your decor.

Think a dorm headboard is a great idea? I’ve rounded up nine of my faves from Dormify. When choosing these, I’ve taken into account style and shopper ratings to make sure they’ll really work in a college room. Head on down for my top picks…

Decorate your dorm bed with one of these Dormify headboards

I’ve picked out a range of different styles, so you can pick the one that’s right for you. Some of these also have charging features, so you can charge your phone while you recharge yourself.

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How do you attach a Dormify charging headboard?

Stick two adhesive strips — like these Command strips on Amazon — onto your wall, then place the other sides onto the headboard back. Then, stick them together to attach to the wall.

Should I bring a headboard to college?

It's definitely a good idea to bring a headboard to college, as they can provide extra comfort to your bed and can prevent wall damage, too. Just be sure to check your dorm contract before bringing one, as some colleges don't allow them or will already have one for you.

By adding one of these Dormify headboards to your college bed, you’re sure to elevate the style in your new room. This, along with some cozy dorm bedding (Dormify has some great bedding sets), will make your bed almost as good as your one at home.

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