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A boho dorm room with colorful decorations
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Fun fact: I’m a total boho babe at heart. Take me to a festival, drive me around in a caravan, and give me all the crochet cardigans. Boho style also happens to always look good when translated into decor, too. It's effortlessly beautiful and breezy, which is why it’s such a fab style for making over your dorm room.

Because it's so timeless, you can decorate your dorm with it now and then move all the items to your future apartment without any stress or worries about it looking outdated. It also pairs really well with other styles, in case you get bored halfway through the year and feel like switching things up.

I’ve rounded up a range of pics and vids that all showcase boho dorm rooms in different ways. They’re all super easy to replicate, so whether you want to go all-in on an idea or just want a sprinkle of inspo, you’re totally covered.

Ready to get going? Keep on scrolling for the cutest ideas…

7 boho dorm room ideas that are cozy and chilled AF

Boho decor is all about breezy colors and dreamy textures that are relaxing and comforting. These ideas will show you how to bring these into your dorm. I’ve also picked out some buys, so you can shop the looks too (you’re welcome, bestie!).

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1. Layer up different accent pillows 

A boho style dorm with accent pillows

(Image credit: @lovedbyrileyb)

FYI: Accent pillows are the easiest way to make a bed look super cozy. I mean, have you ever been to a hotel room and not seen a few placed on the bed? In dorms, they’re also useful for chilling on top of without getting fully tucked into bed. I love how @lovedbyrileyb has layered hers with different colors and textures to create a casually-but-not-casually thrown together look. Who knew that fluffy pillows, tie-dye pillows, and pom-pom pillows could look so good when paired up?

2.  Go for a soft palette


♬ Let’s move out - 🩷

When decorating a dorm, it’s always a good idea to stick to one color palette, as this will make creating a cohesive look 10 times easier. For boho decor, you could try out a soft palette like @kenziebelle_, with crisp whites, dusty pinks, and dark lilacs. She’s built this up around her dorm with throws, wall art, and cushions, which all tie together gorgeously.

3. Or go for a colorful vibe


♬ SNAP - High and Fast - Rosa Linn

OK — when boho comes to mind, you probs think of lots of whites and beiges. But, as the coastal cowgirl trend proves, you don’t have to be limited to plain shades with it. Turquoises, oranges, and yellows all look wonderfully beachy and chilled and will give your room a playful touch. Bamabarbiee's room is the perfect example of not being afraid to be bold when going for boho. Plus, how cute are her neon lights and rainbow rugs? 

4. Hang up wall art and pics

A boho dorm room with a photo wall and wall art

(Image credit: @lovedbyrileyb)

Lived that boho life and miss all your traveling adventures? Put pictures of places you've been and memories with friends on a photo board, which will look aesthetic AF and remind you of those times. Pair this up with complementary wall art, like Riley has, to create a mini gallery wall. When choosing dorm wall art in this style, look for positive quotes, affirmations, and scenic nature photos and illustrations.

5. Decorate with all the plants


♬ Bee Gees – More Than A Woman - <3

When I moved into my current rental, I found that adding plants to the space instantly made it feel more vibrant and relaxed. They’ll do the same for your dorm, which will be so much cuter with pops of greenery. It will also look super boho as a result — bonus! If you can, go for plants that are air purifying, as dorm air quality often isn't the best. 

6.  Let the music play

A boho dorm room with musical wall art

(Image credit: Dormify)

Being a free spirit is what boho style is all about, and one of the best ways to let your personality shine is by celebrating your music taste. It’s also a great way to bond with your roomie, as you might find you have similar playlists and artists you love. Decorate with actual records and music players, or even with subtle nods to your fave band. Fellow swiftie? There are plenty of Taylor Swift decor ideas out there to inspire you.

7. Hang up wall tapestries


♬ original sound - ashley kay

Looking to make a big impact in your dorm with as little effort as poss? Let me introduce you to wall tapestries. They’re a stylish way to elevate your wall decor and give you a color palette that you can theme the rest of your room around. Then, when you’re done living in your dorm, you can take them to your next place and use them as throws or to decorate your headboard. The possibilities are endless with these cuties. 

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