The new feature walls

Thinking outside of the box and being more creative with paint, wallpaper and tiles can help you to create a fantastic feature wall. Lindsay picks her favourite looks

Thinking outside of the box and being more creative with paint, wallpaper and tiles, as well as using more statement materials such as concrete, wood and cork, is the way to create an on-trend look. Here at Real Homes, we often come across clever new ways to use wall stickers, murals, artwork and easy-to-master paint techniques to build a look that is both stylish and personal to you, and I am excited to embrace the more flexible, ‘don’t know if you don’t try’ nature of the latest trends.

As a member of Generation Rent, I am limited to what I can do at home in the way of decorating, but the newest products for walls could help me to create a scheme with my very own feature wall. From easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove stick on murals and motifs to peel-off wallpaper and clever sticky tabs to hang my favourite prints and photos which prevent having to put holes in the wall (they just stick on and peel off – but are strong enough to hold artwork securely), I am experimenting with different ways to introduce a bold wall into my house. At the moment, my hallway has the only feature wall in the house, as I have hung a variety of different sized monochrome frames with my favourite artwork there – it makes for a lovely welcome home after work.

Next, I’d like to put up a chalkboard wall sticker in the kitchen, where I can write a list of things to remember (I love a list) and brighten up the master bedroom by painting a bold, fresh colour onto the wall behind the headboard.

I’d love to get some more ideas from you, so please share your own feature walls online – either on Facebook or Twitter – using #MyFeatureWall. The team are looking for new, stylish ideas we will pick a favourite to be featured on the website. I look forward to adding some more of your decorating ideas to my long list.

Here are some great ideas I’d like to try out too:

Above: What better way to keep track of things than by writing lists? I write a list every day and would love this Ferm Living To Do wall sticker from Cloudberry Living in my kitchen. It costs £32, including chalk.

Above: Surface View is great for a whole host of wall sticker and mural designs as a fun alternative to wallpaper. This latest Allium Caeruleum mural by Miss S A Drake can be customised to suit the size you need.

Above: Thought you couldn’t have tiles in the bedroom? Think again. These Split Face travertine white brick mosaic tiles from Topps Tiles cost £144.33 per m2 and look great as part of a feature wall design. Pair with a paint colour of your choice for an interesting scheme.

Above: Living in rental accommodation means that artwork is a saviour when creating a feature wall or adding some personality to a space. I like to mix and match frame sizes and shapes and hang them randomly. Prints from £7.99 from Dunelm.

Above: If I had room for this bank of VITTSJÖ shelving units in black/brown, £65 in my living room I would be at Ikea this weekend. You can create a beautiful display as a feature wall using books, ornaments, lamps and bits of bric-a-brac that mean something to you – practical as well as stylish.

Above: A feature wall doesn’t have to be a large expanse. This fridge has been painted in Dulux’s magnetic blackboard paint from the Made by Me range, £7.50 for 250ml and adds a fun touch to a kitchen, while creating a focal point. It is also another great place to write my to-do list!

Above: Add together a little bit of creativity, some masking tape and your favourite colours and you can paint a unique design anywhere in your home. This geometric design uses Crown Paint matt emulsion, available at Homebase and B&Q.