Improving an irregular-shaped bedroom

The design of the house is now starting to take shape with work focusing on improving the upstairs

Meet the owner: Zoë Sheridan-Wasey

Zoë is a former marketing manager for a popular stove and fireplace manufacturer, a career she enjoyed for ten years while simultaneously undertaking five renovation projects. She has always loved home renovating and interior design, but this is by far her largest project to date: renovating, rebuilding and extending a large family home on her dream acre plot in Devon. This time, two small sons are competing with the build for her attention, while a completion date of Christmas 2014 is looming…

Follow her blog over the coming months as she charts the highs and lows of the build.

The last week has been the most difficult so far. We had the much-loathed job of clearing all the furniture, treasured possessions and accumulated junk out of our living room, attic, and our youngest son’s bedroom in order to put it in storage for the remainder of the build. With a deadline approaching, every night and all the weekend have been spent on this, at times, seemingly endless task.

Although we had anticipated this stage based on our previous renovations experience, this week we have mostly learnt that achieving similar goals in a similar time-frame simply isn’t possible with the ‘help’ of a three-year-old, a five-year-old and with no childcare. And the hard work doesn’t end with the towers of boxes on their way out of the front door, as the maze of scaffolding which now encompasses most of the house has added an assault course element to removals (not to mention quite a few headaches; those builders wear hard hats for a reason!).

We just managed to finish the night before the roof was due to come down to make way for an improved upstairs layout, and we are now snugly ensconced in the remaining half of our house. On the plus side, when the build is finally finished, the house is going to feel wonderfully spacious.

Above: Miraculously, we have been blessed with glorious weather for the builders to start taking down the strange-shaped bedroom extension on the western side of the house. The build is now busier than ever and we are all making a concerted effort to keep the site as tidy as possible, though with the fallout from the disassembling of the aged roof, we still have a fair way to go

Above: The strange-shaped bedroom that was always so dark is now flooded with sunlight. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for continued good weather so it doesn’t become flooded with rain while the gaps are open too