DIY with a little helper

Today we had some help from our little nephew Noah – what a cutie! He was a bit shy at first but soon got stuck into some work after a bit of persuasion. Think we might have to invite him round next week too!

Noah at work on the project

Anyhow, Sel and I spent most of the weekend preparing both the bedrooms for painting, whilst Sel’s dad continued with the plumbing in the bathroom.

Using a heat gun, we removed the old white paint from the door frames with a metal scraper. It’s quite time consuming but ensures that the surface looks as good as new when finished. Once the paint had been completely stripped off, we sanded the wood down to give a smooth finish. It’s amazing to think that the timber is over 100 years old but now looks new!

Heat gun

Stripping with the heat gun

Paint stripping

Now the bedrooms are prepped we can finally start painting – my favourite part!

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