12 stylish door draft stoppers to keep things cozy at home

Stylish? Tick. Practical? Absolutely.

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Getting your home ready for winter? A door draft stopper is one of the most cost-effective buys to help insulate your home, ready for minus temperatures. Some might know this as a draft guard, a breeze blocker, or even a drafter, but either way it requires zero electricity to work its magic, and more often than not they are affordable and can last for years of use. They are especially great for anyone with a spare bedroom, too, which you might not be heating this winter due to expense. This way, you can keep the cold air confined to one space with ease.

For anyone who would rather not compromise on how their living room, entryway, bedroom – or wherever else that's draughty – looks, then you can browse stylish door draft stoppers from our favorite brands, just below. From neutral-style stoppers to festively decorated ones and even a luxury sheepskin pick, we're sure that you'll find one that works with your interior style. The 12 door draft stoppers below have been selected based on their quality, and price, whilst some have been featured due to their positive customer ratings.

If you're still feeling the cold afterward, then see all of the electric blankets that we've already reviewed, to keep you snug through the cold winter nights.

12 stylish door draft stoppers to warm your home

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4 things to consider when buying a door draft stopper

Before clicking pay, here are a few things to think about:

1. Length
If your doors are wider than most, then be sure to choose something that is longer or even the same size width as your door. Avoid anything smaller as it'll defeat the object of having a draught excluder all in all.

2. Filling
The majority of door draft stoppers are filled with polyester. This makes it easy to open your door even when they are on the floor as they'll just move as you push the door open. If you want something heavier, then we've found a draught excluder that's filled with sand.

3. Cover
Since this will be on the floor in your home, it might be an idea to pick a door draft stopper that is washable, or easy to spot clean. Otherwise, going for a door draft stopper with a naturally-thermal cover, such as sheepskin, is also smart.

4. How many do you need?
If you've got several draughty doors in your home, then you might want to buy a pack of door draft stoppers to save money. 

Where to buy a door draft stopper?

Still looking for the perfect door draft stopper to blend with your interior style? You can continue your search at the retailers below.

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