There's a brand new Zoflora scent! And it's a limited edition charity collab....

What do we love more than Zoflora? A product that donates to charity, of course. This collab will be available in selected stores to soon, but click now for all you need to know...

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Zoflora lovers, this one's for you! After a rather busy summer that has seen the disinfectant brand unveil the launch of not one but two new scents, it's proven that the Zoflora craze isn't over. Thanks, Mrs Hinch for introducing us to our of the best cleaning products out there!

What Zoflora launches, you ask? First of all we have Summer Berries launching at the end of this month. Never used Zoflora before? Check out these Zoflora hacks for 16 different ways to use it around the home.

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Zoflora's new Secret Garden scent launches at the end of September in several stores nationwide. You'll be able to find it at Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco. And next up it's the limited edition Secret Garden, a collaboration with Caudwell Children's charity and YouTuber Louise Pentland (otherwise known as Sprinkle Of Glitter). Want more info? Scroll for everything we know to date.


Secret Garden is a combination of wild flowers and citrus fruits. In terms of base notes, you can smell everything from amber to cedarwood and pathchouli. Very fitting for the time of year it's released as we head into autumn.

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Every purchase of Zoflora Secret Garden donates 20p to the charity Caudwell Children. This organisation provides help and support to disabled children across the country.

Louise Pentland, with 6.4 million social media followers under her belt, unveiled the new fragrance on the 14th August at the Caudwell Children’s sensory garden – the place that inspired the fragrance of the new disinfectant. The sensory garden is filled with an astounding range of edible plants, small trees, fragrant smelling herbs and perennial blooms for the children to enjoy.

Excited to try? As are we! Pop back here closer to the launch for more updates!