This is what the plastic bits on a clothes airer are actually for - it's a game changer

Have you missed this handy tool for drying your clothes quickly?

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Trying to dry freshly washed clothes quickly in the winter is one of life's greatest challenges, particularly if you don't have a tumble dryer. Once you've hung the clothes on the airer and strategically placed jeans and jumpers on every radiator in the house, it's a bit of a waiting game.

But, it could be that an extra handy tool has been under your nose the whole time. Many classic clothes airers that you can pick up in supermarkets have extra plastic parts for hanging socks, saving precious space elsewhere. 

It's obvious once you've spotted them, but they're certainly easy to overlook when you're busy worrying about getting your clothes dry in time for the morning.

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The black plastic slats at the top of this Argos clothes airer are designed for slotting socks rather than hanging them on the frame of the dryer, using the space much more efficiently. Once you've spotted it, you'll wonder how you missed the extra space for drying socks.

Even with this trick, trying to get your clothes dry in cold weather can be a nightmare. There are a few options, for example, buying a dehumidifier with a laundry setting, or a heated drying rack could really help speed up the process when your only option is to dry clothes inside.

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Other tips include hanging drying t-shirts on clothes hangers to give them more air, or simply using two drying racks so you can space clothes out more so they dry quicker.

Alternatively, you can put your wash load on a spin and drain once the wash cycle has finished to get rid of excess water. And remember to rotate the clothes regularly as they dry. If that doesn't work, you could try putting a fan on near your clothes horse to help circulate more air around the room.

If you've been tossing the extra plastic bit of your clothes airer aside all these year, its time to dust it off and get your socks drying extra fast.

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