Aldi and Lidl's kitchen appliance price war means bargains galore – from just £9.99

Our holy grail for budget buys, Aldi and Lidl are fully equipped when it comes to kitchen kit

Aldi and Lidl appliances
(Image credit: Aldi )

Aldi and Lidl are forever our go-tos when it comes to finding high-quality, low-price essentials (and everything we didn't know we needed). A helping hand when it comes to your food shop but also pretty great with tech, too, they specialise in getting bargain kitchen appliances that we really need on to their shelves regularly. 

So, if you're in the market for some new kitchen kit and you're on a tight budget, Aldi and Lidl are the places to be right now because they're stocking up. Keep reading to discover the brill buys available in both... and to compare. We've also featured some more from our other fave retailers. 

So whether your kettle and toaster are due an update or you fancy pimping your kitchen with a coffee machine or triple slow cooker (yes, we said triple!), then you're in the right place. 

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1. Salter kettles for £24.99 

Salter kettle cream aldi

(Image credit: Aldi )

Aldi and Lidl are both stocking an absolutely beaut kettle in a cream and silver colour-scheme, ensuring it'll give a warm and simple touch to your kitchen. The Aldi model has a generous 1.8L capacity and features auto switch off and a 360 degree swivel base (that's cordless, too), plus a three-year warranty. Salter Diamond Pyramid Kettle, £24.99.

Lidl's kettle has a similar aesthetic and equally is sporting a 360 degree swivel base but the capacity is less at 1.7L and it comes with a cord, and a two-year warranty. Salter Kettle, £24.99.

2. A Salter toaster for £24.99

Aldi and Lidl appliances

(Image credit: Aldi )

Every kitchen needs a fully functioning toaster and it doesn't hurt when it looks the part, too. Salter toasters are exactly that wrapped all up at a low price, available at both Aldi and Lidl. 

Opt for this Salter Diamond Two-Slice Toaster, £24.99 model (above) from Aldi for its built-in cord storage, defrost, reheat and cancel power functions and seven levels of variable browning control. Or, the Salter Toaster, £24.99 from Lidl for its sleek style, the same functions and six browning levels. 

3. Ambiano Triple Slow Cooker, £39.99

Aldi triple slow cookers

(Image credit: Aldi )

You've got to love a slow cooker for its ability to make cooking super easy. When it comes to making curries, stews, casseroles (and soo much more) slow cookers are our holy grail. The Ambiano slow cooker has dishwasher safe lids and a thermostat to control the temperature, as well as a non-slip base. Sounds great, no? However, a triple slow cooker?! Able to cook up to three types of food, at different temperatures, at the same time... this bit of kit will be an Aldi buy you just won't regret. 

Ambiano Triple Slow Cooker, £39.99

4. Silvercrest Mini Chopper, £9.99

Lidl silvercrest mini chopper kitchen appliance

(Image credit: Lidl)

Let's face it, most recipes known to mankind are made a whole lot easier if you have a mini chopper. The perfect piece of kit for vegetables, herbs onions and nuts... but also for whipping cream and crushing ice (featuring a whisk attachment and turbo boost for extra power). Easy to operate and clean, you need to get your hands on this mini chopper for under a tenner at Lidl.

Silvercrest Mini Chopper, £9.99

5. Sodastream Cool Sparkling Water Maker, £39.99

Lidl sodastream maker

(Image credit: Lidl )

Sparkling water is a treat but constantly buying new bottles from the shops is plastic waste we don't need... so how about this fab bit of kit? You can personalise how fizzy you want it from the push of a button and enjoy your sparkling water in your own BPA free bottles. It also offers cool mode, making it even more delicious. Dinner parties just got more exciting! Thanks, Lidl!

Sodastream Cool Sparkling Water Maker, £39.99

6. Salter Digital Coffee Maker To Go, £29.99

Aldi on the go digital coffee maker

(Image credit: Aldi )

We're so used to lockdown now, the idea of forking out that extra cash every day for our morning commute coffee isn't too appealing... that's where Aldi comes to the rescue. Invest in this cheap as chips digital coffee maker and enjoy a delicious coffee made from your choice of ground coffee or coffee pods in three to four minutes. The coffee filter is reusable and the stainless steel accents are stylish. 

Salter Digital Coffee Maker To Go, £29.99

7. Silvercrest Mini Deep Fat Fryer, £19.99

Lidl deep fat fryer

(Image credit: Lidl )

Pretty much everyone's guilty pleasure is chips, so why not indulge yourself and buy your very own deep fat fryer? The ultimate party pleaser, this Lidl deep fat fryer will make fast food and takeaways a thing of the past... you'll have everything you need at home! The maximum capacity is 1.2L and it's fitted with a frying basket and detachable handle. What's more, it's easy to clean as the basket is suitable for dishwashers and the container is non-stick!

Silvercrest Mini Deep Fat Fryer, £19.99

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