5 studio apartment ideas to make the most of your space

These studio apartment ideas prove that small can still be beautiful (and super practical too)

studio apartment ideas
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Looking for stylish studio apartment ideas? Sure, you may be living in a small(ish) space, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. A compact home can be just as cozy and beautiful, check out our five design ideas below for more inspo. 

Studio and apartment living often has one bonus - they are usually in properties that have high ceilings and plenty of light so that is a great aspect you can take advantage of! Your design possibilities are endless believe it or not - you simply need to be clever with the furniture you choose, opt for curvy corners over angular and keep it in proportion, a huge King sized bed, although fabulously tempting, will just take up unnecessary space and do you need a three-seater sofa when a two-seater will suffice?

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1. Keep your space light and airy with neutral colors

Studio apartment ideas

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A studio area needs to work hard as it has to fulfill so many needs within the space. Keeping it light and airy will help to make it feel larger, which is what you are after. Choose pale drapes and keep your walls pale - a neutral scheme works wonders and you can add interest with textured pieces like a coir rug, slubby linen cushions and bedding and beautiful tactile lampshades. When you buy for your space consider what you really need and choose well made pieces that will stand the test of time

2. Use clever layouts to squeeze in a dining area

Studio apartment ideas

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Dining tables can be squeezed into corners successfully, the key is to choose a round table rather than square or rectangular. It will flow better visually and be easier to move around, no bumping into sharp corners. Opt for curvy chairs and a round pendant to follow the shape through and keep your accessories simple. 

3. Zone your areas in a studio apartment

Studio apartment ideas

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It really is possible to live, eat, sleep and work in a small compact space, you simply need to be super clever with how you zone the areas. To make it work you need to be pretty minimalist because clutter is not your friend in a small studio. You need to streamline and only have what you really need (or love). Sliding doors are a great option, you can use them to close off areas when they’re not in use and choose chairs that can be folded away or can be used for putting your clothes on, any item that can have a double use is a winner! 

4. Streamline your kitchen space

Studio apartment ideas

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As space is limited more often than not, even if you are in an apartment, it’s a good idea to choose a kitchen design that is beautifully simple. Plain matt walls teamed with matt grey units is a stunning combination and you can add a decorative aspect with patterned tiles in the same tones. Unfussy accessories will complete the look and a pop of brass will add a modern element to the scheme. 

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5. Create a cozy corner 

Studio apartment ideas

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When you live in an open-plan space it’s best to zone your live, work and sleep areas, this can be done by using rugs - layer two or three together for a cozy corner. Placing a bed under the stairs can create a lovely cocoon-like area, you can hang fairy lights and use floor lights and table lights for a relaxing glow. If you are working from home then a small nook under the stairs also works well for a chair and desk - if you don’t fancy working from bed that is! 

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