5 closet organization ideas to inspire a Home Edit style makeover

Binged Get Organized with The Home Edit? Us too, so we've been inspired to round up five closet organization ideas of our own...

closet organization ideas
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Is there anything more satisfying than scrolling through closet organization ideas? Picture after picture of clothes in color order and everything folded perfectly and oh, the shoes, shoes lined up so neatly you can actually pick a pair without having to dive into a mound of sneakers, sliders and slippers. And you can be living this dream closet life too, all you need is a few tips and tricks to get everything in order and easily accessible (can you tell we have been watching The Home Edit?).

Keep scrolling for five really easy, low cost, closet organizing ideas, and for more clothes storage ideas head over to our equally satisfying gallery. 

1. Double space in a closet with hanging storage

Ikea wardrobe storage

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If your closet has plenty of space for hangers but you're squeezed for space for items like t-shirts, jumpers and jeans adding some hanging storage is an easy solution. This SKUBB hanger from Ikea is just $6.99 – check out the rest of the range too as there are some great cheap pieces for closet storage. 

2. Add extra storage and get small items organized with pegboards

Pegboard from Ikea in a closet

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Ah, we love pegboard. We have sung the praises of pegboard many a time and they can add plenty of extra storage to your closet by fixing a few boards to the back of your closet or wardrobe door. They are really handy for keeping the smaller items, like, jewelry, shoes, glasses and bags organized and easily accessible. 

3. Organize clothes into cute labelled boxes 

Ikea clothes storage idea

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The key to keeping your closet organized is to make sure everything is accessible, that way you don't spend ages making it look great only to ruin it when you have to pull everything out to reach your sweaters. Storage boxes that are easy to grab items from will prevent a sweater avalanche and keep things tidy for all eternity. You could even label the boxes so you can see clearly which is in each. 

4. Re-organized your closet with the seasons

Ikea closet storage

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Because you don't need a whole closet of sandals and summer dresses in the middle of winter. Switch out your wardrobe every few months to keep it clutter-free and filled with clothes you are actually going to wear. Pop whatever clothes you aren't wearing into clear plastic boxes under the bed, or in the loft and, again, label them so you know what you get our as the seasons change. Amazon sell loads of cheap clear storage boxes that would do the job. 

5. Got a large closet? Add a storage ottoman 

Ikea clothes storage

(Image credit: Ikea)

If you have been blessed with a larger walk-in closet adding an ottoman to the center of the room with not only help you get more organized but make the space feel more stylish rather than just a place to store your never-ending denim collection. You can keep bulkier clothes like coats or jumpers in there so they are our of the way but still easily accessible. For more dressing room ideas head over to our gallery. 

Psstt... if you don't have a walk in closet an ottoman works just as well at the end of a bed and will give you more room to work with in your closet.

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