13 living room trends 2022 that will inspire a makeover

Dying to know what’s hot in living room trends 2022? Experts predict these colors, accessories, furniture and flooring looks will make waves in homes everywhere.

Mono living room
(Image credit: Matalan)

Ah the loyal living room - the watering hole of every home, where the whole family tribe flocks and flops. In recent times these sociable spaces have played honorable host to all - from Zoom work meetings, to zen den yoga sessions, and of course the world’s biggest lockdown binge marathon of anything and everything on Netflix! Needless to say, these hardworking, multifunctional hubs definitely deserve a spring fling juge with the freshest living room trends for 2022. Prepare for sunnier times ahoy with a stunning scheme update. 

The good news is that you don’t need to go into extreme demolition-renovation mode to transform your space into an Insta dream sensation. Take action with these cracking 2022 home decor trends ideas and create an entirely refreshed sanctuary, radiating positive energy and aesthetic swoon factor. 

Directional themes for home decor trends in 2022 focus on sustainability; bringing nature indoors through the use of house plants and shades of green; and creating a cocooning sanctuary with natural materials, curved silhouettes and quiet neutrals. 

Sylvia James, interior designer, Home How, comments on what we’ll be seeing for modern living room ideas in 2022: ‘Multifunctional, airy spaces will dominate. There's been a lot of focus on health and well-being recently. So it makes sense that our houses will continue to reflect this in the use of natural materials, plants, and, more generally, light and airy designs.’

She continues: ‘Since we're still spending more time at home than ever, multifunctional areas are essential for managing all of the things we do at home. For example, a coffee table to hold drinks but also has storage so items that need to be put away can be in an easily accessible place. This makes home life more easy and convenient as it saves space and cost.’

Learn more about the live-to-lounge living room trends of 2022. 

1. Nature nurture

Neutral, relaxed living room featuring natural materials

(Image credit: Stone House Collective)

In 2022, we will see an increased usage of natural materials - from decorative elements to furniture itself. We'll also see calm, nature-inspired colors and textures become more prevalent, especially in communal spaces like the living room. Earthy textures, organic natural shapes, raw materials, and greenery will all be elements that ground the home for design longevity,’ says Milwaukee-based interior designer Anna Franklin, Stone House Collective.

2. Modern rustic

Modern rustic style living room with relaxed palette, brown sofa cushions and wood parquet flooring

(Image credit: Amtico)

Continuing the authenticity stance, texture stories will play heavily in 2022 living room trends, as consumers crave tactility and connection as an antithesis to ever-digitally dominated lifestyles. Choose textured living room flooring to add tactility underfoot. 

‘One of the main trends for 2022 is authenticity. People are looking for elements of craftsmanship and heritage in their products. Textures play a big role in this trend. Interestingly, we have a bigger demand for rectangular shapes, which feel more natural, and can be easily used to create a more contemporary look. Rustic and painterly features work together to blur the lines between rural homes and urban spaces, adding warmth and coziness to any room,’ says Lorena Williams, head of product design and visual creation, Amtico

3. Red ranger

red painted living room with colour sectioned walls and burnt orange sofa

(Image credit: Dulux)

If the whole ‘keep calm with neutrals’ thing isn’t your style scene, then you’re in for a hot home trends treat. Color confidence is soaring as homeowners unleash the roller and experiment with using bold shades in exciting new ways. Try color blocking by painting designated shapes or areas in contrasting colors – a fantastic home decorating idea to create vibrant interest whilst zoning a space, particularly effective in multifunctional rooms. Go on, discover the bright side and think and paint outside of the box!

As the color of danger and passion, red is often underused in our rooms. But that’s all changing according to Marianne Shillingford, creative director, Dulux: ‘We’ve learnt that there is more than one choice when it comes to shades of red paint, from lipstick red to a burnt orange color and rusty terracotta, opening up a whole new world to dip into. Sundown offers the most wonderful opportunity to have fun with color. It’s when the sun is about to disappear in the west that we often get the full magnificence of its colorful glory.  All rich colors love west facing rooms and if they are rooms in which you relax, you can be brave and try deeper shades like Cherry Truffle and Red Ochre.’

4. Boho wanderlust

Relaxed and playful boho style living room with beaded chandelier and mixed patterned textiles

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Tactile textiles, playful details and spiced chalky colors explore a wanderlust spirit abundant in creative warmth. Create a soul-happy space filled with artisan pieces sourced near and far, that honor traditional craftsmanship. Woven and dried materials up the authentic, sensory appeal, for an inviting scheme that beckons to be relaxed in. Welcome colorful folksy additions for a character-fuelled flourish. But why stop at the living room? Inspire an eclectic home makeover with boho bedroom ideas and beyond. 

Dunelm’s Pretty Boho collection is inspired by the eclectic home of a globe-trotter. Debbie Drake, design director, comments: ‘Rattan is here to stay and we’re tapping into it as sustainably as possible, using fast-growing cane.’ She continues: ‘Bring the outside in with clusters of dried flowers in bud vases.’

5. Modular marvels

Modern living room with flexible, modular furniture

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

The ever-evolving modern home demands flexible living room layouts with multi-functional furniture options. Taking inspiration from simplistic Scandi design, individual modular pieces have become mix and match design heroes. Create unique pieces of furniture tailored to your home’s specific needs with easy to move around designs geared for modern living – the possibilities are endless. 

‘We wanted to ensure we were creating upholstery designs that are practical and serve a purpose without forfeiting on style. You can really get creative with how you pull together a modular set, choose contrasting fabrics to make a design statement or let the clean lines and defined shapes be the hero feature,’ advises Patricia Gibbons, Sofa.com design team.

6. Green goodness

green living room trend with green sofa and fresh greenery ceiling arrangement

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

When it comes to nature inspired shades for interiors, Ben White, design and trade expert, Swyft, believes that green living rooms will become increasingly prominent in homes in the new year:

‘Bringing the outside in; it’s a trend we’ve spoken about for a while, but next year it will come into fruition. We will see green and natural tones blended into our interiors through the use of plants, timber and terracotta. We might also see the use of green velvet sofas, sage or olive painted walls or jute textured rugs.’

Marianne Shillingford, creative director, Dulux agrees: ‘After so long trapped indoors we have come to appreciate the power of nature to uplift and revitalise us. Color-wise we are throwing open the doors and windows and inviting every shade of nature in for tea.’

7. Indoor jungle

Indoor jungle of potted house plants

(Image credit: Green Lili)

Joining the green scheme 2022 color trend, our potted friends are growing and blooming indoors. Plant parents rejoice! Bring an air purifying dose of nature-nurture indoors with a diverse family of potted, leafy-lovelies. Not only do indoor plants look amazing in all of their fresh, verdant glory, but they provide several health benefits too – double win. From reducing stress levels to cleaning the air, and even absorbing and reducing background noise, the health benefits of houseplants is impressive. Incorporate a variety of exotic and native indoor plants and succulents into your space to add gorgeous revitalising texture. ‘Pot’ large plants in baskets for a boho twist; raise medium sized species in plant pots on legs to stagger heights and add interest; and dangle tumbling varieties in hanging planters to continue the green goddess vibes up high. Missing the green fingers? Fear not – there’s a whole host of amazingly realistic faux plants on the market, so everyone, regardless of horticulturalist skillset, can benefit from potted pretties without the anxiety of over watering. 

8. Optimistic forecast

spring living room with bright and breezy yellow and blue colour pops

(Image credit: Oka)

Post the bouts of ‘boo’ times and lockdown-lows, there’s added impetus to create the ultimate happy home – a joyful retreat that inspires us and lifts our mood on a daily basis. Bright lamps, statement accessories and playful pattern mixing ideas channel the mood of the spring fresh, sunshine-infused season, sprinkling living rooms with much-loved designs and fun factor. Homes, like never before will be lived in, laughed in and much loved. 

‘Inspired by the bright and breezy aesthetic of a country bolthole – think crisp, whit-painted wood-paneled walls and an abundance of natural light – this look is fresh and playful. Vibrant yellow hues and shades of blue, with dashes of rich red, are offset by pale hues to create an upbeat yet relaxed palette, while the furniture and accessories are a harmonious blend of simple and statement,’ say interior experts at Oka.

9. Thoughtful up-cycling

Modern living room with framed art wall gallery feature wall above grey sofa

(Image credit: Rothley)

As homeowners drift towards a more mindful and conscious way of living, interiors are becoming less involved with the throwaway culture of consumerism. Embracing a meaningful heirloom approach, we’re learning to utilize what we’ve already got, and repurpose, upcycle and get creative with how we decorate our spaces. It’s amazing how you can transform your space with just a few secondhand furniture additions and easy DIY home decoration ideas.

Sophie Hill, marketing, insight and innovation at Rothley, comments: ‘A more conscious way of living is at the top of our priority list, as the climate crisis worsens and we all try to do our bit to help. We’ve seen a clear shift towards more conscious choices, whether that is materials or extending the life of items around the home rather than buying more things. 

Low-waste living and upcycling is at the heart of creating a mindful home, and we have definitely seen a rise in upcycling which is likely to continue - from people sewing and making over old outfits, to making garden furniture out of wooden pallets. 

For the less experienced DIY-ers, taking an old piece of furniture and customizing it is a great way to reduce waste and also means no one else has the same piece as you! It is amazing what a new set of legs can do to a set of table and chairs. My personal tip would be to make a habit of visiting local charity shops – you’d be surprised by the gems you can find! 

10. Mono curves

Contemporary living room with mon colour palette, abstract feature rug and curved, upholstered sofa and armchair

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Mono has always been a classic color combination for interiors, largely owing to its versatility and timeless appeal. A big player for home decor trends in 2022, black and white living rooms will deliver a contemporary attitude with graphic geometric designs, softened by curve appeal pieces. 

When it comes to window dressings, choose imposing vertical stripes for architectural impact. Style chic seating with geometric designs to continue the graphic pattern nods without confusing and dominating the space. Choose furniture in solid, color block neutrals – grey sofas blend seamlessly, to balance and define the overall look. 

Soften a monochrome scheme with cocoon-style furniture inspired by the curves of the human body. Shapely boucle sofas, asymmetric armchairs and flowing forms appeal to lovers of contemporary design. Add warmth and depth with textured, neutral-toned textiles. 

‘Curved furniture is a trend that took off this past year, and we’ll continue to see this 60’s and 70’s-inspired trend in homes. These curvy pieces - whether it be a decorative mirror to a statement-making barrel back chair - soften a space and add a little fun,’ says Anna Franklin,  interior designer Anna Franklin, Stone House Collective.

11. Maximalist rugs

Maximalist trend living room with colourful, patterned feature rug, teal painted walls and antique round mirror

(Image credit: Weaver Green)

Dazzle from the floor up with a statement rug design exploding in technicolor pattern. Living room rug ideas can be real space-changers. Curate a maximalist living room with a more is more approach to decorating (adios minimalism), incorporating bold prints, bright shades and layers of luxe textures. A personality-bursting scheme will entertain all the senses through every occasion, and every season.

‘We love strong rug designs and big colorful geometric patterns for a maximalist living room look. Think about adding statement accessories that share or contrast with the color of your rug for a unique aesthetic that will transform the home,’ says Tasha Green, director, Weaver Green

12. Dedicated spaces

modern living room with grey sofa and abstract framed wall art display

(Image credit: Swyft)

Chloe Jonason, interior stylist, predicts we will see a further move away from the open-plan living space in 2022: ‘A return to sectioned living areas rather than the open plan. With people working from home more, there’ll be a need to create: work stations, desk nooks, zoom friendly areas, multi-functional living spaces.’

Reflect on how you use your space and what you need to get from it. Learn how to arrange living room furniture to create a welcoming and functional area, that's considered, uncluttered, sociable and stylish.  

13. Holiday pastels

Fun living room scheme with contemporary pastels and pink upholstered furniture

(Image credit: Sofology)

Whilst we’ve been stuck in one spot, home trends have been gallivanting to sunny-side-up destinations in search of fun and fresh inspirations and pastel decorating ideas... 

‘Uplifting pastels reminiscent of holidays set the tone in this nurturing contemporary scheme, where on-trend curves and circular shapes cocoon and comfort. Soft and welcoming, with reflective chrome and spherical details, the mood is inviting and lighthearted - a place to kick back and relax,’ says Gisela Lancaster, buying manager at Sofology

For an easy and effective DIY decorating idea that ties in the shapely appeal, paint a wall arch to add a colorful, architectural element. 

Interiors are continuing to get ahead of the curve with fluid, rounded furniture in 2022. 

'Seeking comfort in our homes and cocooning from the world is not a new trend, but this lifestyle choice has moved on a notch with our design preferences. From gently arched walls to shapely sofas and mirrors, it’s all about curves,' says Claire O'Brien, head of design, Splashback.

She continues: 'Curves have an immediate empathy with nature and are a welcoming feature to any interior. They help us feel connected to our surroundings, making us feel warm and safe. These curvaceous forms can be seen in cabinets, headboards, sinks and a range of accessories as well as kitchen islands. Whether it be lozenge shapes, scalloped edges or purist circular motifs, adding the curve to an interior creates a sense of non-confrontational assertiveness.'

Is gray still in for 2022?

The experts at The Paint Shed have analysed Google search data of Farrow and Ball shades to predict which interior paint colors will be big in 2022 and whether grey living room ideas are still some of the best: 'Of course we wouldn’t be completely without grey, but it seems we are moving away from the lighter tones, preferred by home influencer Mrs Hinch, and are opting for moodier, dramatic shades of this popular color.'

Farrow and Ball’s Railings receives 11,840 average monthly searches.

Railings is a soft black which has undertones of blue, perfect for creating dramatic interiors.

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