Nishaa Sharma

Nishaa Sharma

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Nishaa, and I’m the social media editor here at Real Homes. Originally from the Pacific Northwest in the US, I’ve made my way to the English countryside via Canada, Australia, Hungary, and Portugal. Along the way, I’ve found my passion for writing and creating content through working with travel, lifestyle, and wellness brands, and now use my expertise in social media to stay on top of the latest and greatest in home trends.

When I’m not writing or scrolling, you can find me exploring the cutest villages and brunch spots, or snuggled up on the sofa with a new recipe, my husband, and our puppy, Ebble!

My niche

I am all about the aesthetic and getting the look for less. Whether it’s curating a color palette, styling a shelfie, or finding a way to DIY a statement decor piece, you can bet I’ve put the research in and created a million mood boards for it.

Why listen to me

I’ve moved around a lot, and through that I’ve come to discover ways to make any space a home, whether it’s been my dorm room, a hostel attic, a spare room in a family house, or (finally!) my very first apartment. 

I’ve always found easy, security deposit-friendly ways to bring my personal vibe to wherever I live, and as a former glampacker, I am a pro at finding where to splurge versus where to save.

About my Real Home

My one-bedroom rental flat is a Tudor house with a recently converted open-plan interior. I am all about the neutrals and have brightened up our gray interiors with whites, cozy browns and beiges, and shades of green serving as accents throughout. 

My husband works in conservation, so we love to bring nature-inspired touches into our home. We have been working to incorporate the global styles and pieces we’ve fallen in love with during our travels, too!

My fave home buys

I swear by my Always Pan and Perfect Pot from Our Place. They were our first investment items and have withstood the test of time, countless Pinterest and TikTok recipes, and some very pigmented spices in curries. Plus, they look gorgeous in the kitchen, so we always leave them out on display.

On my to-buy list

I've been seriously inspired by the European summer aesthetic, and am currently in the process of transforming my rental bedroom into an ethereal museum-like space with gold frames, airy pieces, and light pastel tones. I want to keep my space as clutter-free as possible, so any cute storage solutions are also immediately getting added to my cart.

I am currently working on…

Your home horoscope, finding home decor pieces inspired by your fave tv shows, movies, influencers, and celebs, and finding quick and easy DIYs to help you bring your favorite TikTok aesthetic into your small space or rental.

Nishaa Sharma