8 South Asian home decor brands to shop this Diwali (and year-round, TBH)

My dil goes mmmm at these decor brands

A collage of South Asian home decor pieces
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Diwali is coming up quick, and and I'm dreaming of decorating my first apartment with South Asian-owned decor brands to celebrate the holiday and my heritage.

Despite both of my parents being Indian, growing up, I didn't spend much time learning about my backgorund. And real talk: I let the bullies get the best of me a lot of the time, and drive a serious wedge between me and my background. If you had told childhood me that I'd be learning my grandparents' recipes, sourcing South Asian-inspired home decor, and finally trying to learn more than a couple of words of Hindi, I wouldn't have believed you.

But thanks to some incredibly talented content creators, the rise in South Asian representation in Hollywood, and amazing brands like these, I'm totally embracing my culture in my adult life and my very own apartment. So whether you're first gen, second gen, somewhere in the middle like me, or you're looking to support South Asian businesses this holiday season, this decor edit is def for you.

1. Our Place

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We wouldn't have a list of iconic South Asian brands without Our Place. The founder, Shiza Shahid, immigrated to the US from Pakistan, and she's all about creating your own sense of home, no matter where you are. You know an Our Place pot or pan when you see it: sleek design, stunning colors, and a matte finish are all part of the signature look. This brand makes a big impact by creating pieces that speak to a number of cultures and traditions, and every single item, be it cookware or tableware, has serious tabletop appeal.

2. Byredo

This luxurious brand has been on my home wishlist for a while now, and now that I know about the founder Ben Gorham's Indian background (and some of the underrated South Asian-inspired scents Bryedo carries in its candle collection), I'm feeling extra motivated to make the jump and splurge on one of these home fragrances, or maybe even a few (RIP my paycheck). 

3. Pyarful

Pyarful, a home brand based on the word pyar (meaning love in Hindi) has been on my radar for the longest time, and its mini mithai candles will forever be on my Diwali wishlist. Founded by Krisa Tailor-Arora to celebrate her background and embrace the aspects of her culture that make her who she is, these adorable greeting cards, posters, candles, and home decor pieces are clearly designed with love and playfulness at their core.

4. Arjuna Design Studio

Arjuna Design Studio was founded by Sushmitha Pidatala, a woman of Indian background living in Houston, Texas. As more of a neutral girlie myself, I love that the pieces from this brand fall on the more light and airy side, while still embracing the traditional patterns and textures that feel so familiar from family visits as a child. And the star of the show? Their collection of masala dabbas, or spice containers you can keep on hand and fill with your personal cooking heroes (ily, garam masala).

5. House of Amu

This textile brand, founded by Ammu Cherian, embraces traditional fabrics and printing techniques used in India. The patterns and textures on the bedding, tablecloths, pillows, bookmarks, and table runners will totally remind you of your Nani's sari, but the colors are very much modern and minimalist. Plus, if you're down for some DIY, her blog onsite also features some tutorials on block printing and creating your own patterns on textiles at home.

6. Kishmish

Kishmish started out as a South Asian greeting card company in 2017, and over the years, the brand has expanded into art prints, apparel, and luckily for us, soy wax candles. Co-founded by Fatima Aslam and Zareen Abbasi, Kishmish was actually the first Pakistani-owned and run brand to feature in Nordstrom in 2021 (!!!), and its candles are scented to bring the nostalgic vibes and fragrances of family memories into your space.

7. Chanda Candle Co

Chanda Candle Co. is a small business that's Pakistani and woman-founded and owned. Its collection of wax melts, room sprays, and candles are all based on specific memories, ranging from the sweet scents of gulab jamun to how the ground smells after a fresh rain. Whether you're in a dorm, apartment, or rental where you're free to light a three-wick candle to your heart's content, this brand has a way for you to bring South Asian-inspired scents into your small space.


Okay, so VRSA is def the splurge destination on this list, but hear me out — there are actually a bunch of pieces onsite for under $100, and when you're ready to enter your rich auntie era, the luxury dinnerware sets will be waiting for you. Founded by Stuti Anand and inspired by her heritage, the pieces onsite are all made by Indian artists and designers and the brand is all about bringing the aesthetics of India into modern home decor. You'll also catch the objects and sculptures at the top of my wishlist, and its TikTok is a Vogue-worthy source of modern Desi home inspo.  

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