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One thing about me is I am OBSESSED with satisfying Sunday reset videos. I daydream of putting on my cutest loungewear and cleaning my room to create that immaculate relaxed vibe, but tbh, it never works out that way. 

In reality, I'm actually spending my weekends trying to catch up on doing my laundry and putting away all my clothes and beauty products I've left scattered through my bedroom during the week.

Let's get to those #cleangirlgoals together by implementing these expert-approved bedroom organization tips. I've done some research (and a lot of personal trial and error) to find some underrated pieces of advice that go beyond just doing a major clear-out and hoping for the best.

1. Make your bed every morning

Okay, so this first one might sound more like cleaning, but hear us out — one good habit leads to more, and as the focal point of your bedroom, a clean and put-together bed sets the tone for a put-together, organized room. As Reba Bassett, professional organizer at Revalation Organizing suggests, starting the day strong will lead to more motivation to get (and keep) your bedroom organized through the rest of the day.

"A made bed will inspire you to keep the room clean and organized," Bassett says. "Plus, it helps motivate you because you just completed your first task of the day."

2. Store extra blankets and pillows efficiently

If you're obsessed with the vanilla girl aesthetic, you probs have an impressive collection of super-cozy throw pillows and snuggly blankets adorning your bed. But let's be real, you don't need every single one at all times.

Invest in a cute basket to live at the foot of your bed and make a habit of placing your throws in it every night, or go a little quirky with this pastel magazine holder from Urban Outfitters that's perfectly sized for stacking up rolled blankets when they're not in use.

2. Create zones based on your habits

Before you start shopping for organizers, take a moment to retrace your own steps following your daily routine in your bedroom. Bassett advises creating zones based on how you use your space (we're talking makeup by your mirror, jewelry in the closet, and skincare in your top nightstand drawer).

"Walk through how you typically use your space and place your items where you need them," Bassett says. "Use the surfaces for frequently used items, and in drawers or cabinets for less-used items."

"Designating a place for your items not only helps you remember where to put them but also where to find them," she adds.

3. Only keep a few items on your nightstand

This tip goes for any dresser, windowsill, or countertop surface, too. Keep your storage and organization to drawers, baskets, and shelves, and use the more visible spaces in your bedroom for intentional styling and decorative pieces. And if you do need the space for storing your skincare or makeup, pick up a cute organizer and line up your prettiest products at the front.

Narrow it down to just the essentials for a nightstand — we're talking lamps, water carafes, or your latest read. "Keeping it simple and open helps create a calm environment for rest," Bassett says.

Personally, I keep my nightstand looking cute with just a lamp, lavender sleep spray, and aesthetically pleasing pen holder, like this simple pink one from Target, besides my bed for scrunchies, tweezers, lip balm, and any jewelry I need to take off before bed. I also love a cup of calming tea every night before bed, so I keep a coaster on hand for my mug.

4. Get a bed frame with under-bed space

If you were Team Lofted Bed in your dorm room days, you'll already know the value of under-bed storage. Whether you opt for a frame with built-in drawers and sections or a simpler option that allows for room underneath rather than being built to touch the floor, you're going to have so much extra space for anything from pajamas and extra linens to sports equipment and old yearbooks.

"Under the bed organizers are great," Bassett says. "Especially for less-used items like seasonal clothing, camping sleeping pads, and large and flat items." (We're looking at you, giant suitcase you only take out for those trips home to visit the fam.)

5. Use drawer dividers in your dresser

If you're anything like me, chances are you have too many pairs of underwear, and opening your lingerie drawer gets you seriously stressed out. Drawer dividers will be serious game-changers, and you'll be able to find the pair you need to go with your leggings or white shorts much faster in the morning.

"Dividers keep your items from moving around, and especially with smaller items like socks or underwear it can help a ton," Bassett says. "It's also just so pretty to look at each time you open your drawer!"

6. ... And shelf dividers in your closet

You know that space above your clothing rail at the top of your closet? That's actually prime real estate for super-clean stacks of folded denim, sweatpants, and knitwear that can't go on hangers. Keep your folded clothes separated and in clear sections with shelf dividers like these acrylic ones from Amazon, and create a system that makes the most sense for where you live and what you love to wear.

If you're on the shorter side like me, don't stress. You can still use this shelf for storing out-of-season items, purses, or accessories you love for events that you don't need to reach often.

7. Make the most of multifunctional furniture

Here at Real Homes, our team swears by multifunctional furniture to get the most out of our small spaces. If you're not looking at all the different ways you can use each piece in your bedroom, you're doing it wrong.

If you love the minimalist vibe but know you're in need of functional pieces, consider  things like storage ottomans to tuck away your hair straightener, curler, and dryer, dressers that double up as charging stations, or setting up your WFH desk to become your getting-ready space on the weekend.

8. Bring in the 8-minute rule

One of my personal favorite techniques for getting (and keeping) my room organized is the 8-minute rule, created by professional organizer and brand ambassador of Modular Closets, Christina Giaquinto.

"Set a timer for 8 minutes, and put things away every day," Giaquinto says. "It puts my mind at ease and completes my day. The goal is not to put every single item away (of course, if that happens, even better) but to put whatever you can away within that time."

9. Declutter on the reg

Once you've designated a home for your clothes, makeup, skincare, books, and accessories and gotten your bedroom feeling Marie Kondo-level organized, all that's left to do is maintain it. In addition to building the new habits above, consider giving yourself a little boost every time you put something away by putting a habit tracker on your wall. 

Add decluttering and putting things back in their spots to your daily and weekly routine, which will save you time in having to make reorganization a big project again in the future.

10. Invest in organizational pieces you love

This is going to sound extra af, but trust: You'll actually be waaaay more likely to sort out your stuff if it's going into drawers, organizers, baskets, and containers that you love to look at and that feel in line with your bedroom's theme and decor.

By making your organizational pieces a part of your room's vibe, you're regularly looking at them and looking after them instead of shoving your belongings out of sight and out of mind. For even more of a push to keep your room organized, consider jumping on the acrylic decor trend. Having see-through drawers is pretty good motivation to keep them looking good, and to consistently put your things exactly where they belong.

11. Don't forget the doors

If you've been blessed with a chill landlord, you can go for adorable hooks like these sun-shaped ones from Urban Outfitters, but even renter staple Command hooks will also give you the structure and space you need to hang up your fave hoodie, cozy bathrobe, or cutest tote bag.

Keeping your go-to's that you're sure to grab on your way in and out of your room hanging on the door means they won't be lying around on your bed or your floor, instantly cutting down the clutter factor.

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