Aida M. Toro

Aida M. Toro

Freelance Writer

About Me: Hello! My name is Aida M. Toro and I am a freelance writer that loves cultivating stories about amazing people, fashion, interiors, art, and food. I currently write for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, The House Magazine, Hobnob Magazine, The C-Word, and Real Homes. I live in West New York, New Jersey, which is literally a 10-minute ferry ride or 20-minute bus ride away from New York City. Although I was born and raised in West New York, I consider NYC my home, as I believe it to be the place where all dreams come to fruition, and of course, spend most of my time in. When I’m not writing, I love perusing the city streets and taking snaps with my iPhone of street art along with random things, scoping out new restaurants as well as their spaces, shopping at some of my favorite stores, spending time with family and friends, walking my cockapoodle Benji, and working out at Lifetime or DOGPOUND, which are some of the top fitness spaces in Manhattan and overall the U.S.

My Niches:

I’m all about a space that catches my attention. Whether it be someone’s apartment, a gym, a restaurant/cocktail bar, a hotel, boutique, etc…It’s all about the details.

Why listen to me?

I’ve interviewed prominent interior designers in the game, who I’ve continued my relationships with. In addition, I attend many media preview tastings at some of Manhattan’s most coveted restaurants and beyond. I also love traveling and staying at unique hotel spaces because I gain inspiration to write and create. FYI, all of these restaurants and hotel spaces I visit have Insta-worthy interior elements. To add on, I love a sleek, chic, yet industrial gym space because motivation for training will come along.

About my Real Home…

I currently live with my parents in their two-floor brownstone, which was originally a two-family home and is the only brick house on the block. The downstairs floor has a study/lounge room, an immense quality portrait of my big quinceanera party hanging on the wall, and it's a space where I watch television and get all of my writing done. The kitchen is painted in pastel yellow, has two vintage paintings hung on two walls, and a long pure wood dining room table that was bought at Arhaus.

My room is painted in a very light peach color. In my room, you’ll find my barn-style bed set from Pottery Barn. I have a mechanical mattress, which is one of the most amazing things you’ll find in my room because you can use the control to lift up the mattress in case you want to get work done or just watch a movie.

My fave home buys

One of my favorite home buys at the moment is my Alo Yoga Aura Diffuser. The diffuser humidifies my space with a cool mist, which is something I look forward to prior to going to sleep because I meditate and just feel refreshed with the scent while I am breathing in and out.

I am currently working on

The next project on my horizon is to move out of my parents' place into a condo or townhouse where I could decorate Memphis style. I really love that everything there is all about the '80s. I would also throw in some urban modern design into my home decor, since I’m such a city girl. Lastly, I’d love to live in a home located in the Hudson County/Bergen County area, which are counties close to Manhattan, local highways, and more so we'll be well connected!

Aida M. Toro