7 last minute Halloween crafts the whole family can enjoy

These are the Halloween crafts you need to know about for a Halloween at home that's scary for all the right reasons

halloween craft ideas: bats made from toilet role tube on an orange background
(Image credit: @wizard_within_books)

Looking for last minute Halloween crafts and spooky ideas to try? It's been tough this year, so Halloween is the perfect excuse to re-embellish your home and let your creative juices flow with some crafty activities. 

Whether you're looking for crafts that'll keep the kids entertained, or want to branch out into more subtle seasonal decor compared to the usual extravagant (but fabulous) Halloween decorating ideas, we've got you covered. From fun, loo roll bats to autumn leaf ghosts and delicate embroidery, keep on scrolling for all the last minute inspiration you need for a fun-filled halloween weekend. 

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1. Craft a creepy cotton bud skeleton

kids craft of making a skeleton out of ear buds on a black piece of paper

(Image credit: @tnt.mumma )

If you've had a last minute panic that you haven't planned any Halloween activities for kids planned this weekend, this idea by @tnt.mumma is THE perfect craft for you.  All you need is some black and white paper, glue and cotton buds. Let your kids get creative with their skeleton's position, or ask them to copy a picture for extra educational bonus points too. 

2. Find some me time with a spooky embroidery 

halloween embroidery with a bat, pumpkins and the moon on a grey background

(Image credit: Etsy)

Halloween craft isn't just for kids. Cosy up, hunker down and get into the Halloween spirit this weekend by embroidering a spooky (and cute) design like this. Whether it's destined for your walls, a cushion or even a t-shirt, let your creative juices flow and enjoy some quiet me time too. This lovely design is available on Etsy now. 

3. Turn autumn leaves into ghoulish ghosts

autumn leaves painted white with faces that look like ghosts and a wooden witch's dolls house

(Image credit: @raisingrodmans)

How clever is this? As you're stomping through the autumn leaves, pick some of the best ones up and take them home for a scary makeover. A simple coat of white paint and a black marker pen makes for a fun, autumnal ghostly scene that costs next to nothing. This little set up by @raisingrodmans is so simple yet effective. 

4. Knit some cosy pumpkins to bring out year after year

knitted pumpkins and a patterned plant pot with a candle on a black coffee table

(Image credit: Amelia Smith)

Whether you're a knitting pro or you're looking for a new lockdown hobby, knitting pumpkins is easier than you may think. So scrap the time and mess of carving out a real pumpkin that'll last a few days, and invest in a cute and cosy knitted design that'll bring you joy for years to come. There are loads of tutorials online that break down the process step by step. These beauties were made by one of our own team member's Auntie Sue and we love them!

Carving a pumpkin too today? Head to our guide to how to carve a pumpkin like a pro.

5. Transform fairy lights into a ghost garland 

halloween garland fairy lights that look like ghosts

(Image credit: @devanandjanelle)

Looking for an Halloween craft idea that's speedy and stylish? This ghost garland by @devanandjanelle is so simple to make. Simply cut wholes in the bottom of plastic cups, glue on black faces, and attach to LED fairy lights. We're loving how they sit back perfectly in this monochrome scheme, plus they'll only get more creepy after dark. 

6. Get crafty with loo roll for some comical bats 

handmade black bats made from a toilet role tube on an orange background

(Image credit: @wizard_within_books)

How cute are these? A perfect afternoon Halloween activity that the kids will definitely love. Simply cut a loo roll in half and wrap black paper around it. Cut out the shape of your wings, ears and eyes. Create slits at the side of the body to slot your wings into, and glue on the face. For a full, annotated step by step guide, head to @wizard_within_books now.

7. Make your pumpkins out of clay

Painted clay pumpkins for Halloween

(Image credit: Sculpd)

For an even more creative pumpkin craft, why not make yourself some cute pumpkins out of clay? These glossy gourds were made using Sculpd Halloween Pottery Kit, 'In our Sculpd Halloween pottery bundles we have included four premium coloured acrylic paints.' DIY your pumpkins in four easy steps:

1. Make it: The Instagram Reel will give you a good idea of the process.

2. Let it dry: 'The first step after making your pumpkin is letting it dry. This is a crucial step before painting it. We recommend priming it with a white base coast before applying the coloured paints.' Share Sculpd.

3. Add a base coat: Paint it with a white base coat.

4. Decorate as you wish: Paint it with the yellow, orange, brown and black in the paint set. 'In the Halloween Kit, we have a custom guide that shows you all these steps to create contrasting segments and speckled designs. You can of course keep your pumpkin plain and paint it with one colour though!' Add Sculpd.

Amelia Smith
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