Where to put a mirror in a small bedroom — space-enhancing, designer-approved tips even if options are slim

We tapped design experts to find out where to put a mirror in a small bedroom (that only seems to be getting smaller)

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If you're unsure where to put a mirror in a small bedroom, you're certainly not the only apartment or dorm-dweller with this conundrum. When wall space is in short supply, problems seem to abound. How are we supposed to apply our makeup and check our OOTD without seeing our reflection? 

Fortunately, there's no need to sweat the small stuff (quite literally). We spoke to designers about how to make things work in a tight space, and there are plenty of options...even if it doesn't seem like it. 

Whether you're eyeing the best mirror trends or in desperate need of a viral blob mirrors, we have great placement tips and adorable (and functional) options for you to choose from. Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to go work on our cat eye. 

Where to put a mirror in a small bedroom, according to designers

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Wait! Scratch that: no need for the wall. No matter how where you choose to the accessory, or how large or small it might be, a mirror has the potential to make a big impact. 

"In a small bedroom, the placement of a mirror can be transformative," says designer Artem Kropovinsky.

Let one of these designs prove it to you. 

1. Opposite the window

Let there be light! Even if you're still waiting for that mushroom lamp to ship, you have a sneaky way to brighten up the bedroom—no light required. 

"Ideally, situating [a mirror] opposite a window can marvelously amplify natural light, making the room radiate with brightness and spaciousness," Kropovinsky adds. 

Hey, anything to create the illusion of more space, right?!

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York.

2. Adjacent to the window

Your bedroom window offers more style opportunities than you might've imagined—it's just a matter of being strategic. If you want to distort the space (in a good way), have a look at placing a blob mirror on the wall adjacent to the window. 

"This placement helps maximize natural light by reflecting it into the room, making the space feel brighter and more open," says designer Alice Moszczynski, who works for Planner 5D. "Mirrors also create an illusion of depth, which can make the room appear larger."

(While you're at it, check out these airy curtain panels, too.)

Alice Moszczynski
Alice Moszczynski

Alice Moszczynski is an interior designer at Planner 5D, which focuses on creating impactful, sustainable interiors for community organizations, prioritizing responsible design. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and has worked for prestigious firms throughout New York City. 

3. Above the nightstands

A mirror can double as art when you think about it. If you want to tie the look of your bed together, place a lively (albeit small) mirror near the area where you tuck in.

"I enjoy placing mirrors above nightstands as they visually expand the room and reflect activity from across the space," says Lori Miller, Principal, LGC Interior Design.

Lori Miller
Lori Miller

Lori Miller, the Principal of LGC Interior Design, began her career in psychology and mental health, as a counselor and Director of the Crime Victims Program for the Queens District Attorney. She also ran the Psychiatric Units at Rikers Island Correctional Center. In 2000, she combined her background with her love for interiors to create LGC Interior Design, which works to create livable spaces that fuse old-world charm with modern luxury. 

4. Inside a closet or dresser

If you don't want to waste precious wall space, think about hiding your mirror. 

"Placing a mirror on the closet door is another fantastic option to consider when adding mirrors to a small bedroom," says Mark Buskuhl, the dounder & CEO of Ninebird Properties. "This not only saves space, but also adds functionality to the mirror as it can be used for getting dressed."

Mark Buskuhl
Mark Buskuhl

Mark Buskuhl is the founder & CEO of Ninebird Properties, which specializes in buying, renovating, and selling dozens of houses every year. Ninebird Properties takes on the most challenging projects, including fire-damaged homes and transforming them back into a beautiful space.

5. Blank spaces

You're definitely going to have a little bit of room left over, even if it seems hard to believe. Why not turn the white space into something colorful and practical with a cute mirror?

"Place a mirror where you really can't put anything else for clearance or space reasons to eat up some wall," suggests designer Lucy Small, the founder and lead designer of state & season home design

Lucy Small
Lucy Small

Lucy Small, the founder and lead designer at state & season home designs, is a former executive, MBA, mom, and accredited LEED specialist. She's on a mission to create spaces for modern country life in some of America’s best rural places through residential and commercial building and design. state & season is North Georgia’s first luxury design showroom and retail one-stop shop for all things home design, construction, materials, furnishing, and more.

6. Behind the door

Think about it: you probably weren't going to utilize this space anyway, and opting for an over-the-door mirror not only frees up space but allows you to go with a full-length mirror option, a win-win if you're keen on scoping out every inch of your outfit. 

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How do you make a small bedroom look bigger with mirrors?

It's all about that window, baby. Putting a mirror opposite a window or adjacent to a window will not only increase the natural light in your space, but it will give the appearance of a larger room. If that isn't a win-win, we're not sure what is!

Are mirrors good for small rooms?

Of course, they are! Sometimes you might have to compromise on size or location, but there's always a place to station a mirror, whether it's above a nightstand or in a hidden spot like behind the closet door. 

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