Over-the-door mirrors are much cuter these days, and now I want one — here are 6 good picks

#OOTD pics just got so much better

Over the door mirrors with hooks cut outs on pink background
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Over-the-door mirrors immediately make me think of that slim, white-rimmed door mirror you usually take to college. You know the one, roomies (you're looking at yours right now, aren't you?). Practical, inexpensive, and perfect for small spaces, I totally get why people buy them. In my opinion, this mirror style is the ultimate small bedroom must-have whether or not you're in school. They're also ideal for renters who have to keep wall space clean and damage-free.

Since seeing a TikToker that I follow unbox her new over-the-door mirror, I've been obsessed. Because like the rest of us, my room is small and my landlord is awkward about hanging things on the wall. What I didn't know? There is a range of styles of over-the-door mirrors out there. Think round over-the-door mirrors, ones with lights, Bluetooth options, and even over-the-door mirrors that double up as storage

I've rounded up a few of my fave for you to check out, including some (surprisingly) cheap over-the-door mirrors and dupes that get the vibe just right. It's officially time to leave the standard white one you're picturing in your head in the past.

6 cute AF over-the-door mirrors you need for your tiny bedroom

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How to choose a good mirror

Picking out a mirror may sound simple, but if you're short on space and overwhelmed by the millions of options out there we have a few tips. Consider the following factors before you hit checkout on a new mirror:

  • Size: Taking measurements of your space isn't that thrilling, but it's a major must-do. If you skip pulling out the tape measure, you might end up with a mirror that's way too large for your room or one that's half the size when you were expecting a full-length version. Measure the door if you're choosing an over-the-door option and compare that to the dimensions of the mirror you're interested in.
  • Room layout: This isn't as important when you're purchasing a mirror that hangs on your door. But if you decide on a wall-mounted or free-standing option, you'll want to do a scan of your room to find the best place for it. Do you want it close to your closet? Near a good light source? With a good background for #OOTD pics? These are all good questions to ask.
  • Budget: Mirrors can be surprisingly expensive. Though there are a few inexpensive (but quality) options available, those are often few and far between. Some can be as cheap as $7, but for a decent mirror that won't give you a fun-house reflection, expect to spend at least $50 to $100 for a new one. If this is too pricey, try looking around for secondhand options or head in-store to scope out a cheaper choice that doesn't look warped.

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