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I’m going to be honest with you: I’m both a warm weather girlie and a pumpkin spice girlie. When summer arrives, I’m the first to put on my sunnies and plan a beach day. Equally, as soon as I start getting sick of the heat, I immediately start counting down the days until I can get out my fall decor. That being said, that transition from hot girl summer to cozy fall girl can be a li’l overwhelming.

I get it. It’s a lot to think about. Luckily, I’m the right gal to listen to. I’m all about transforming my home for the seasons, using both decor and fragrances to create a particular ambiance. To make my home match my hot girl summer, I used plenty of tropical scents and a mixture of brights and pastels. Now I’m going into fall, I’m officially flipping my pillows and throws, and lighting my brand-new collection of fall candles.

Want to turn your home into the coziest place to be? I’ve put together my top tips for changing up your decor for fall. Oh, and I’ve also shopped a range of different buys that will make that transition easier.

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Love fall? Here's how to bring it into your home ASAP

These are all really easy ways to freshen up your place for fall. None of them require painting or drilling any walls, and you can even do some of them straight away.

1. Flip your pillows and throws 

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When the seasons change, this is my number one priority. Fabrics are amazing for changing up a room’s vibe, IMO. In terms of flipping pillows and throws for fall, go for plaids, knitted textures, and warm colors like oranges, reds, and deep browns. BTW, it’s a good idea to break up these bold textures and colors with more neutral tones like beiges and whites, for a balanced color scheme.

2. Pick some fresh leaves and branches

This is the most wholesome activity. You can literally just go to your local park and grab some beautiful fall leaves and branches from the ground. I know the ground is gross, but you can’t pick off the trees! Then, you could then gather a few different-sized leaves and branches, cluster them together with some ribbon to create a cute arrangement, and then put them in a small vase. Adorable!

3. Change up your scents

I’m a major scent girlie. Just like my perfumes, I’ll always switch up my reed diffusers, room sprays, and candles for the season. I tend to have one of each in my living area, bedroom, and bathroom, so I have a consistent scent, a quick freshen-up scent, and a warm aesthetic option, too. For fall, I love deep vanilla, ginger, cashmere fresh, and even oud fragrances. I recommend heading to a store like T.J. Maxx and smelling their candles, to see what scents resonate with you.

4. Rotate your drinkware

For summer, I tend to have tall drinks glasses and smaller hot drink mugs at the forefront of my cupboard. Meanwhile, my big mugs collect dust at the back, like they’re in a kitchen version of Toy Story. But they’re so important for fall coffees, people! So, get all your cups out, give them a wash (if you’re feelin’ the full refresh), and then put all the glasses and mugs you know you’re going to use right at the front. This way, when the cooler nights draw in, you can get your hot chocolate mug (I know you have a fave) without fighting or breaking anything.

Get the cozy fall girl look with these six buys

Ready to get the cozy girl aesthetic for fall? I think these picks are so gorgeous, and would work in any home too.

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