'90s Halloween decor to bring out your inner Sabrina The Teenage Witch

The devil is in the detail, bb

Black cat plate, candles, and black pumpkin pot on black glitter background
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Nineties Halloween decor lives rent-free in my head for 11 months of the year. But in October, I get to live my best Hocus Pocus life. Sure, most girls go wild for PSL szn at Starbs, but one of my favorite things to do is recreate nostalgic schemes from the grunge era.

Here I've "crawled" the net for nine ways to decorate your small apartment (or dorm) while paying homage to the best decade ever (IMO). I've made sure that everything is affordable, so you won't be spooked by the prices. Plus, a lot of this decor can be reused year after year — 'cause climate change, environmental irresponsibility, and single-use plastic creeps me the F out.

Many of my memories are based on cultural references from music, movies, and TV shows. So when decorating for the spooky season, I'm relying heavily on Nickelodeon and other media way before Netflix or Disney+ was even a thing. Yup, I'm talking Blockbuster's era, bb. It sounds weird to admit it, but one of my favorite past times involved going to a store to rent a bunch of VHS video tapes and buy some snacks in the same place. Pizza Hut for dinner, too? You've just hit the Friday night jackpot!

Now I'm older though, I can host my *own* Halloween nights. And that means I don't have to see Mom and Dad dress the pad with cheugy furnishings that'll scare an interior stylist. No plastic figurines, motion-sensor models and I promise there won't be any cheesy or garish accessories either.

U ready, boo?

Nostalgic '90s Halloween decor

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