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Stuck on choosing the best adhesive hooks? I've got you. I’m going to start by going on the record and saying I’m a proud rental girly. If you manage to find yourself in a place with a great landlord the “money down the drain” argument pales in comparison to the convenience, if you ask me.

However, there is a catch! The “no nail holes in the walls” clause is here to ruin all of our days. Goodbye, visions of hanging cool vinyl covers, succulents, and fairy lights. Well, that is until you discover the power of an adhesive hook. Whether you’re looking to give your kitchen utensils a quirky update, maximize space in your bathroom, or hang up your favorite pieces to save a floordrobe from the building, you can do exactly as you please without creating any holes in your wall (or your relationship with your landlord!) 

Bearing the different usages of adhesive hooks in mind, we’ve put together a little round-up of the best organizational products, suitable for varying weights and tastes and ultimately prioritizing damage-free removal, ensuring you won’t be met with peeling paint when it’s time to bid adieu to your rental. 

12 adhesive hooks to up the storage and cute factor in your pad

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We asked Chantelle Hartman Malarkey, interior designer and expert on all things home revamp, for her insight on removing adhesive hooks without damage and she referenced the hair dryer hack where you heat up the adhesive to loosen it and then use a putty knife (like this Warner one from Amazon)to scrape it off! 

"I recommend for removing small adhesive hooks from a wall to try using a hook removal tool," she says. "The hooked blade can break the bond between the adhesive hook and the wall when used correctly. To use the tool correctly slide the tool against the wall and rotate it all the way around in a circle. The hooked blade will cut the adhesive and make it easier to remove."

Reliable but temporary —  these hooks will keep you and your landlord happy, allowing your four rented walls to transform into a whimsical wonderland without the dreaded damage and docked deposit drama. So, for those of us on the hunt for adhesive hooks that double up on character and hold, let’s get stuck in, shall we?!

Chantelle Malarkey headshot
Chantelle Hartman Malarkey

Chantelle Hartman Malarkey mixes high-end with low-end, for attainable fashion and design. She supplements her fashion posts with insightful information about her personal life, making the content on her blog unique and distinctive. This personal content allows readers to connect with Chantelle on a more personal level. As a full-time mother, photographer, designer, and influencer,

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Frequently asked questions

Do adhesive hooks come off?

Most of the time, adhesive hooks will come off clean without damage to the surface it was stuck to, or the hook itself. However, if you're having trouble removing bits of a broken plastic hook, try this method by Sarah, aka Thrifty Decor Chick:

"Cut off a decent length of dental floss [from Amazon] so you can grip it well on both ends.  Moving it back and forth, wedge the floss behind the plastic part — if you can get it behind the sticky stuff, that's great!" she says

"Wiggle it down behind until it reaches the bottom. Your hook will come right off! If you have fishing line [also available from Amazon] that also works great for removing stuck Command strips!" she adds.

Sarah Thrifty Decor Chick headshot
Sarah (Thifty Decor Chick)

Sarah started her Thrifty Decor Chick blog in the spring of 2008 to share house projects with loved ones. Her degrees are in journalism and public relations, and I enjoyed a ten-year career in that field. Along the way, she has loved decorating our home and helping friends with theirs.  

Do adhesive hooks damage walls?

"Command Strips offer a convenient and damage-free hanging solution for your artwork, photo frames, and decorations. However, if not used or removed properly, things don’t always go according to plan, and they can leave behind damage on your walls," says Ben Suiskind, CEO at AllDryUSA

"The most common types of wall damage caused by Command Strips include paint peeling, holes in the wall, and sticky residue. It’s crucial to identify the specific damage to know the right approach to fix it and avoid further complications. The first step to repairing damage from Command Strips is to identify what type of damage you’re dealing with.

Ben Suiskind owner of all dry USA
Ben Suiskind

With Ben Suiskind'sknowledge and visionary leadership, All Dry USA has expanded into a national, full-service property damage restoration company with multiple locations across the United States. Ben holds numerous specialty licenses and certifications in restoration and construction.

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Sometimes, it's not always possible to call in 12+ adhesive hooks at the same time, and dot them around an apartment to test them out. So on this occasion, we chose hooks that were highly rated and had positive feedback from genuine customers.

Now that you've got an idea of what sticky-backed hooks to shop for, why not read our guide on hanging things in an apartment? From pictures to curtain rods, our how-to will help you to install decorations with minimal-to-no damage.  

Niamh is a freelance journalist and the Head of Content at Raft Furniture. She is obsessed with all things interior design, with a particular focus on sustainability and city-dweller style. The wooden floorboards and built-in bookcase in Niamh’s rented North London home occupy her daydreams between writing, and after work, she has a knack for finding cheap plane tickets. 

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