Bespoke wardrobe solutions for awkward spaces

How to find the perfect clothes storage for loft bedrooms, period homes and other spaces where freestanding wardrobes might not do.

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Content supplied by IQ Furniture

If you live in a period home with unusual alcoves, wonky walls or low ceilings, you may find it incredibly hard to find off-the-peg wardrobes for your bedroom or dressing area. The same is true for those trying to find clothes storage for a loft bedroom with sloping ceilings.


However, you don’t need to give up your dream of having a clutter-free, harmonious bedroom, as IQ Furniture explain.


What is the solution?


There are a number of bespoke wardrobe solutions available to perfectly fit spaces like these. Made to measure solutions help you maximise your storage space, and utilise all those small or awkward spaces that may have been wasted.


Fitted wardrobes also allow you to compensate for irregular spaces that don’t have straight walls, ceilings or floors. This also overcomes the safety issue of positioning a heavy wardrobe, which may tip, on a sloping floor.


How do I design the perfect wardrobe for my space?


To start you will need to decide on whether the wardrobe will be integrated into a bedroom or if you want to create a walk in wardrobe in a spare room.


Step 1: The first step will be to measure your space perfectly to ensure that there are no gaps between the wardrobe and walls. If you are worried about measuring your space wrong then it is best to ask a professional to do this for you.


Step 2: Once the space has been measured, you can then choose the doors to your bespoke wardrobe. There are different wardrobe door configurations available including hinged and sliding doors. Once the configuration has been chosen you can consider the colour, finish and handles available for your chosen door.


Step 3: By designing and installing a bespoke wardrobe you are able to decide on the internal fittings and fixtures of the wardrobe. These elements can include glass shelves, drawers, pull out mirrors and display cases for your shoes and trousers.


These solutions will allow you to maximise your storage with no need for large infill panels or top boxes if measured correctly. These infills and boxes can make your wardrobe look untidy and don’t make the most of available space.


What if space is limited?


Bespoke wardrobes are the perfect solution for small spaces. They can be adjusted in height, width and depth to fit the desired space perfectly.


Although your space may be limited, integrating shelves or hanging bars will allow you to maximise the storage space for all of your clothes and accessories.