Here's what you absolutely *need* to do when storing summer clothes, according to an organization expert

Gotta take care of those dresses and skirts, dearies

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You'll need to know how to store summer clothes properly before you soak up the sunshine with a beach read and a glass of rosé. Crack out those handy clothes storage bags and get to work.

Since you've already packed away that winter wardrobe—which we promise you won't have to touch for months — it's time to switch gears and focus on the rompers and tankinis in your collection.   

How to store summer clothes, according to an organization pro

Fortunately, Jean Prominski, a certified professional organizer and the founder of Seattle Sparkle is here to help us find the best clothes storage containers, tackle decluttering hacks, and more.

It's time to welcome everyone's favorite season with fresh and wrinkle-free summer staples!

During the summer season

It goes without saying, but you'll want to make sure those floral skirts and lightweight blouses are easily retrievable when it gets warm. According to Prominski, there is a proper way to keep everything in check. 

"Hang as many tops and dresses as possible, because they will be easier to see and are less likely to get wrinkled; using slim hangers also makes a big difference," she says. "If you must store your t-shirts in a drawer, roll them, or use the filing method so that you can easily see everything."

Should you have closet space at the ready, Prominski recommends using hangers with clips for shorts and pants. If not, they can be rolled in the drawers alongside bathing suits and fitness 'fits, but watch the way in which you keep everything.  

"Since summer clothes are so much lighter, they often need a little more support," Prominski says. "Use drawer dividers to help containerize categories of like-items. In the closet, hang things according to length, so that you can maximize the space underneath what is being stored."

During the off-season

If you are an apartment dweller who needs to switch out her wardrobe seasonally, we're right there with you. Luckily, we've got small space storage ideas on lock. When it comes time to part ways with those maxi dresses and shorts (perish the thought) you'll want to make the transition to cozy items as seamless as possible with the proper accessories.

"Vacuum-sealed space-saver bags are a popular choice because they take up less space, but they will often leave the clothes very wrinkled," Prominski says. "Instead, I recommend using under-the-bed boxes or zippered cloth bags."

You can do either or, perhaps even a combination of the two depending on how much space you have to work with. Either way, you're going to want to make sure you label your goods, use a desiccant to prevent moisture, and thoroughly wash and dry your clothes before bidding them adieu.

Wardrobe DIYs

Regardless of what the calendar says, it's always a good time for a DIY. A few simple tweaks to the wardrobe department can go a long way, according to Prominski. 

"I am a fan of removing closet doors, especially if they’re the ones that slide open because it makes it so much harder to see what’s in the closet," she says. "Adding a light is another great way to create the perception of added space."

And perhaps a few extra renter-friendly closet organization tips will help add the final touches you're looking for. Happy organizing, friends!

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